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10天记住1000个单词教程 (4)  

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As a result of stricter enforcement,speeders are no longer able to break the law with impunity.

Alice refused to let me see her notes,despite the fact that I have always lent her mine.did you ever hear of such ingratitude?

I could read most of the signatures,but a few were illegible.

The new nation undertook to teach its illiterate citizens to read and write.

It is illogical to vote for a candidate whom you have no faith in.

Nearly every soap manufacturer claims his product will make dirty linens immaculate.

Don’t use such baby talk! People will think you are mentally immature.

For most of the year,the Eskimo settlements in northern Quebec are inaccessible,except by air.

It is almost impossible to cross our street during the rush hour because of the incessant flow of traffic.

No compromiss is possible when both sides remain inflexible.

When the visitors come to our school,we should make them feel at home;otherwise they will think we are inhospitable.

Scientists are finding solutions to many problems that up to now were insoluble.

Salt dissolves in water,but sand is insoluble.

After Romeo and Juliet died,their families,who had been irreconcilable enemies,became friends.

Stick to the topic;don’t make irrelevant remarks.

When the umpire says you are out,it is useless to argue because his decision is irrevocable.

Bene ---good;Mal---evil

Before beginning his difficult jouney,the young man visited his parents to receive their benediction.

With her dying breath,Queen Dido pronounced a malediction on Aeneas and all his descendants.

The museum could not have been built without the gift of a million dollars by a wealthy benefactor.

Shortly after the crime,the malefactor was apprehanded and turned over to the police.

The sick and the needy will be the beneficiaries of your gift to the community fund.

I suspect Ronnie tripped me so that I wouldn’t be able to play tomorrow.He did it not as a joke but out of malice.

The lack of milk and fresh vegetables in the child’s diet was responsible for his malnutrition.

Two news photographers were attacked by the mob,and their camers were smashed.it is disgraceful that they were so maltreated.

Rest is usually beneficial to a person suffering from a bad cold.

A benevolent employer has a sincere interest in the welfare of his employees.

I have heard some malevolent misrepresentation of her.

Carlo was maladjusted in the early grades,not because of poor inteloligence but because he couldn’t speak English.

De---down,opposite of

A wrecking crew is demolishing the old builiding.

For eing absent without leave,the corporal was demoted to private.

The building superintendent feels depreciated if you refer to him as the “janitou”

Students who tell lies are despised by their classmates.

Mr.Parker always notifies the parents when a student neglects his homework,and he will not deviate from this rule in your case.

The children must have been strved when they came in for dinner because they devoured their food.

The decadent downtown section was once a flourishing business district.

Maple,elm,birch,and other deciduous trees lose their leaves in the fall.

Whoever did this must have been demented;no sane person would have acted in such a way.

Children are dependent on their parents until they are able to earn their own living.

Dis---opposite of

Jack should hae had $8 in his wallet,but he had only $6. He could not account for the discrepancy.

The bicycle I lent tom had been good condition,but he returned it in disrepair.

The parents discredited the child’s story,since he was in the habit of telling falsehoods.

The explosion disintegrated an entire wing of the factory.

When the matter ws put to a vote,29 agreed and 4 dissented.

Passengers should do nothing to distract the drver’s attention from the road.

Dan was discontent with his Spanish mark;he had expected at least 10 point more.

For a dispssionate account of how the fight started,ask a neutral observer not a participant.

The compromise was welcomed by all the strikers except a small dissident group who felt that the raises were too small.


South Carolina’s secession was imitated by ten other states and led to the formation of the confederacy.

The signers of the Declaration of Independence, if captured by the enemy,would probably have been tried for sedition.

When Abraham Lincoln was elected President in 1860,South Carolina seceded from the Union.

Ann was so upset by her failure in math that she secluded herself and refused to see anyone.

In most high schools,boys and girls attend the same classes,except in health education,where they are segregated.

Are you worried about passing the midterm exam,or do you feel secure?

Land in a growing city is a secure investment.


The circumference of a circle equals πtimes the diameter.

The circumbocution”the game ended with a score that was not in our favor” should be replaced by “we lost the gme.”

Ferdinand Magellan’s expedition was the first to circumnavigte the globe.

The principal has requested all teachers to circumscribe failures in red on the report cards.

The patient was placed on a very circumscribed diet;he was forbidden to have coffee,spices,or raw fruits or vegetables.

To circumvent local sales taxes,shoppers often buy in neighboring communities that do not have such taxes.

Don’t jump to a conclusion before considering all the facts.Be circumspect.


It was not known whether the price increases resulted from higher costs or from collusion among the producers.

Neighbors cannot live in concord if their children keep fighting with one another.

During the Revolutionary War,the thirteen colonies coalesced into one nation.

Tom is collaborating on the work with his friend.

The House and the Senate will convene at noon to hear an address by the President.

Jack’s account of how the fight started did not correspond with the other boy’s version.

In coherent writing,every sentence is connected in thought to the previous sentence.

Helen keller’s deafness and blindness were not congenital defects but were acquired after birth.


If we beat Central High tomottow,we shall have removed the last obstacle us and the championship.

Today’s rain has completely obliterated yesterday’s snow;not a trace remains.

The notion that she had forgotten to lock the front door obsessed mother all through the movie.

The disabled vehicles obstructed traffic until removed by a tow truck.

It is unwise for an outsider to obtrude his opinions into a family quarrel.

By removing her hat,the lady in front obviated the need for me to change my seat.


The surgeon said the tack had gone through Betty’s shoe and sock without perforating her skin.

At breakfast the aroma of freshly brewed coffee permeates the kitchen and dining room.

I need help with the fourth problem;it perplexes me.

The teacher told Eric to stop whispering.When he persisted she sent him to the dean.

The rain was supposed to end in the morning,but it persisted through the afternoon and evening.

Maggie’s parents were perturbed when they learned she had failed two subjects.

Authors have come and gone,but Shakespeare has remained a perennial favorite.

Perennials like theazalea and forsythia bloom year after year.

Stick to the point;don’t give information that is not pertinent.


The preface usually provides information that the reder should know before the book.

Last night my parents attended a preview of a play scheduled to open next Tuesday.

Did your report follow or precede Jane’s?a prior engagement precludes my coming to your party.

My preconceived dislike for the book disappeared when I read a few chapters.

         Prefabricated homes are quickly erected by putting together large sections previously constructed at a factory.

The jury decided that the blow was struck in a moment of panic and had not been premeditated.

Nineteen of the sailors have rescued.One is missing and presumed dead.

If Nancy’s three-year-old brother can read,he must be a precocious child.


At the budget hearing,both the proponents and the opponents of the tax increase will be able to present their views.

To a freshman,graduation is a distant but pleasant prospect.

Start working on the assignment without delay.It doesn’t pay to procrastinate.

The apparatus projects missiles into space.

Jet-propelled planes travel at very high speeds.

Our cousins stayed with us only for the weekend bu tpromised to return in July for a protracted visit.

Keep your feet under your desk;do not let them protrude into the aisle.

Jeff’s account of his experiences on a farm provoked much laughter.

There would have been no fight if you hadn’t provoked your brother by calling him names.

When I fell behind in French,the teacher asked one of the more proficient students to help me.

Despite a large income,the actor hads saved very little because he is profuse spender.

The Mayor,the Governor,and several other prominent citizens attended the preview.


The performance was staged by a group of amateurs who have been studying dramatics as a hobby.

When it comes to baking a cake,Mother’s the expert;I’m only an amateur.

We must look ahead to the time when the dispute is over and amity is restored.

Cindy is an amiable child;everybody likes her.

Let us try to settle our differences in an amicable manner.

In the famous balcony scene,the amorous Romeo expreses undying love for Juliet.

John Rolfe,an English settler,became enamored of the Indian princess Pocahontas and married her.


Someday the animosity that led to the war will be replaced by amity.

Thought david defeated me in the election I bear no animus toward hkm;we are good friends.

If you become extremely upset when you lose a game,it is a sign that you lack equanimity.

In almost every discussion there is bound to be some disagreement,Don’t expect unanimity.

The first time I was late,Miss O’Neill excused me with the warning that she would not be so magnanimous the next time.

Except for one student,who voted”no”the class was unanimous in wanting the party.


Because they share the same language and ideals,Americans and Englishmen have an affinity for one another.

Every skit in our class show was loudly applauded,from the opening scene to the finale.

The story is far from complete because the finis is not yet written.

I will confine my remarks to the causes of the War of 1812;the next speaker will discuss its results.

Remember that your anwer will be treated as definitive.You will not be permitted to change it.


Air,water,molasses,and milk are all fluids.

During November,the military situation situation remained fluid,with advances and retreats by both sides.

When prices are in a state of flux,many buyers delay purchases until conditions are more settled.

The discovery of gold in California in 1848 caused a large influx of settles from the East.

Recently the price of a pound of tomatoes has fluctuated from a high of 45 cents to low of 2 cents.

Do you have to grope for words,or are you a fluent speaker?


Poe was the originator of a genre of detective story.

The bible states that Adam was the progenitor of the human race.

But for the skill of the presiding officer,the debate would he degenerated into an exchange of insults.

Name-calling engenders hatred.

The new manager regenerated the losing team and made it a strong contender for first place.

Greg --- gather

At the airport,the homecoming champions were welcomed by a huge aggregation of admirers.

The minister addressed the congregation on the meaning of brotherhood.

The warden believes in segregation of first offenders from hardened criminals.

The aggregate strength of the allies was imprssive,though individually some were quite weak.

Except for hermits and recluses,who shun company,most people are gregarious.


If the relationship between the first sentence and what follows is not clear,the paragraph lacks coherence.

There can be no real cohesion in an alliance if the parties have little in common.

Apply the sticker according to the directions,or it will not adhere.

I glued together the fragments of the vase,but they did not cohere.

Because of her inherent carlessness,I doubt my sister can ever be a good driver.


A square is a quadrilateral.

After voting for the rod building program,the legislature took up the collateral issue of how to raise the necessary funds.

If one side of an equilateral triangle measures three feet,the other two must also be three feet each.

The building plan shows both a front and a lateral view of the proposed structure.

A mother has to be a nurse,housekeeper,shopper,cook,teacher,etc.She plays a multilateral role.

Don’t judge the mattter by my opponent’s unilateral statement.

Note the alliteration in the line “Sing a song of sixpence.”

When registering as a new voter,take along your diploma as proof of literacy.

We translate “laissez-faire”as “absence of government interference,” but its literal meaning is “let do.”

Mark Twain is one of the greatest figures in our literary history.

The school’s main goal in working with adults who can neither read nor write is to make them literate.


A number of luminaries,including a Novel prize winner and two leding authors,will be present.

I asked the teacher to elucidate a point that was not clear to me.

To obviate misunderstanding,state the directions in the most lucid way possible.

With this watch you can tell time in the dark because its hads and dial are luminous.

Lamp shades are translucent bu tnot transparent.


The manacles were removed from the prisoner’s wrists.

After World War I,Syria became a French mandate.

The walkout ws a clear violation of the court’s mandate against a strike.

Each student has a learner’s permit and a copy of the “Driver’s manual.”

Miling,fomerly a manual operation,is now done by machine.

The uthor’s manuscript is now at the printer.

The washing machine has emancipated housewives from a great deal of drudgery.

In today’s lesson I learned how to manipulate the steering wheel.


A school edition of a novel usually has an appendix containing explanatory notes.

The pendant dangling from the chain around her neck looked like a medal,but it was really a watch.

If you have seen the marks,please tell me whether I passed or failed;don’t me in suspense!

If you had in your report late,append a note explaining the reason for the delay.

She wore a green pendant suspended from a silver chain.

Train service will be suspended from midnight to 4 a.m. to permit repairs.

At the first flash of lightning,people scurried for shelter from the impending storm.

Has a decision been reached on a date for the game,or is the matter still pending?

Barbara agreed to conduct the meeting pending the election of a permanent chairman.


Did the king abdicate or was he deposed?

Cleaning up after the job is the repairman’s responsibility.Don’t let him impose it on you.

Mr.Marx has postponed the test until tomorrow to give us an extra day to study.

Today’s snowfall superimposed a fresh two inches on yesterday’s accumulation.

There is a misspelled word on your paper,”strenght.”Correct it by transposing the last two letters.


The inscription on Paul’s medal reads “For excellence in English.”

Both candidates used professional scribes to prepare their campaign speeches.

How much time did the actors have to memorize the script?

The petition to nominate Sue for president of the freshman class already has forty-three subscribers.

When there are not enough volunteers for the armed forces the government conscripts additional men.

The law prescribes that aliens may not vote.

Her physician prescribed some pills,a light diet,and plenty of rest.


The two pills are alike in color and shape,but there the similarity ends.

“He is as brave as a lion.” Is a simile.

The letter n in the prefix in is often assimilated with the following letter. For example,”in”plus “legible”becomes”illegible.”

A bright student assimilates knowledge rapidly.

Nancy was the star of the show;she simulated the bewildered mother very effectively.

These gloves are not a pair;they are quite dissimilar.

The flash of an explosion reaches us before the sound,though the two are simultaneous.


What an actor says in a soliloguy is heard by no one except the audience.

Thought I like company,there are times when I prefer solitude.

Instead of sining a solo,Brenda would prefer to join with me in a duet.

After the war,the villagers hope to return to their desolated homes.

At 5:30 a.m. the normally crowded intersection looks desolate.

Franklin D.Roosevelt was the sole candidate to be elected President for a fourth term.

A hermit leads a solitary existence.


When President Lincoln took office,the Union faced imminent dissolution.

Since the memvers lack mutual interests,the club will probably dissolve.

After our quarrel,Grace and I dissoved our friendship.

The resolution of our air and water pollution problems will be difficult and costly.

A witness provided the clue that resolved the mystery.

A democratic ruler is restricted by a consitution,a legislature,and courts,but a dictator has absolute power,

As an analogy,Sugar is soluble in water.

Someone would have found the answer by now if the problem were soluble.

In a salt water solution,the water is the solvent and the salt is the solute.

The examiners found the bank solvent,much to the relief of its depositors.


Our nation abounds in opportunities for well-educated young men and women.

Fish abound in the waters of Newfoundland.

On Election Night,the victor’s offices were inundated by congratulatory messages.

Our team’s sportmanlike conduce redounds to the credit of the school.

Before Christmas,the stores have abundant supplies of toys.

Remove the last word of the following sentence because it is redundant:”My report is longer than Bob’s report.”


Since you have lied us in the past,you should not wonder that we doubt your veracity.

We would like to know your verdict in the matter.

That smoking is injurious to health is a scientifically established verity.

Two eyewitnesses averred they had seen the defendant at the scene.

So far,the charges have been neither disproved nor verified.

As the pretended heirs of Peter Wilks were disposing of his fortune,the veritable heirs arrived.


With the fog rolling in and visibility approaching zero,it was virtually impossible for planes to land.

Coach Brown envisions Mary as a prima ballerina.

Did the entertainer prepare his jokes before the program,or improvise them as he went along?

Before handing in your composiotn,be sure to revise it carefully.

The microscope enables us to see organisms invisible to the naked eye.

The audio and video signals of a television program caxn be recorded on magnetic tape.

Radar tells us of an approaching object long before visual contact is possible.





Henry protected his face from George’s blows by raising his forearms.

John F.Kennedy’s forebears migrated to America from Ireland.

The day before the accident,I had a foreboding that something would go wrong.

Have you listened to the weather forecast for tomorrow?

In combat the officer was always in the forefront of the attack,leading his men on to victory.

Foresight is better than hindsight.

Before Chapter I,there is a brief foreword in which the author explains why he wrote the book.

Our defeat in the championship game was foreshadowed by injuries to two of our star players in a previous game.

Carefully review the foregoing chapter before reading any further.

Did you know that Benjamin Franklin was one of the foremost inventors of the eighteenth century?


People thought the earth was flat until Columbus corrected that misbelief.

The wrongdoer was punished for his misdeed by a fine and imprisonment.

Dad has no misgivings when Mother takes the wheel,because she is an excellent driver.

Right after the collison,each driver blamed the other for the mishap.

Quitting school is a misstemp that you may regret for the rest of your life.

The bear escaped when the hunter’s rifle misfired.

Yesterday I mislaid my biology book,and it took me about a half hour to find it.

Some traffic signs are so confusing that they mislead the traveler.

Out-beyond,more than

The outlook for unskiled laborers is not bright,as their jobs are gradually being taken over by machines.

The output of the average American factory worker is steadily increasing.

The jacket Dad bought me last year is too small. I have outgrown it.

Our kitchen tale is more solidly constructed than the chairs and will probably outlast them.

We scored a touchdown when Joe caught a forward pass and outran his pursuers.

In his detective stories,Jim manages to outwit the cleverest criminals.

A masquerade is always interesting because people come in such outlandish costumes.

Mary sometimes hurts others when she criticizes their work because she is too outspoken.


Do not take more of the medicine than the doctor ordered;an overdose may be dangerous.

We have a shortage of skilled technicians but an oversupply of unskilled workers.

It would overburden me to have my piano lesson Thursday because I have so much homework on that day.

Joe overestimated the capacity of the bus when he thought it could hold 60;it has room for only 48.

Their gaieties were overshadowed by the sad news.

The department store guards were nearly overwhelmed by the crowds of shoppers waiting for the sale to begin.

When the monitor gave too many orders,the techer scolded him for being overbearing.

I was so sure of passing that I wasn’t going to study,but Dad advised me not to be oversonfident.

Because the service was poor,Mother thought Dad was overgenerous in leaving the waiter a 15% tip.


The audience was breathless with anxiety during the daring tightrope act,though the acrobats themselves performed with seeming unconcern for their own safety.

If you think I can get Mr.Black to hire you because he is my cousin,let me undeceive you.I have no influence with him.

The unsportsmanlike noises of the fans so unnerved our star player that he missed two foul shots in a row.

The previous secretary had mixed up the files so badly that it took my sister about a week to unscramble them.

When mutinous sailors were put in irons in the olden days,nobody was allowed to unshackle them.

Though an abridged dictionary is convenient to use,it contains far fewer definitions than an unabridged dictionary.

Don’t ask the mother of a contestant to serve as a judge because it may be hard for her to remain unbiased.

Many teenagers have an unquenchable thirst for adventure stories;they read one after another.

An unwary pedestrian is much more likely to be struck by a car than one who looks both ways and crosses with the light.

On its way through the dense jungle,the patrol had to be constantly wary of enemy soldiers concealed in the underbrush.

Most undergraduates take four years to earn a degree,but some achieve it sooner by attending summer sessions.

If too little is deducted from Dad’s weekly wages for income tax,it results in an underpayment at the end of the year.

Among the undersigned in the petition to the governor were some of the most prominent persons in the state.

Frank’s remark that he was “slightly bruised”in the accident is an understatement;he suffered two fractured ribs.

While the star is recuperating from her illness,her role will be played by her understudy.

When we take notes,our teacher wants us to underscore items that are especially important.

When discount houses tried to undersell department stores,the latter reduced prices too,and adopted the slogan”We will not be undersold.”

Our country has spent billions of dollars to help the underdeveloped nations improve their standard of living.

The underprivileged child from the crowded slum tenement has many more problems to overcome than the child from the middle-class home.


The prime minister’s proposal for new taxes created such an upheaval that his government fell.

Our neighbor traded in his old car because the upkeep had become too high.

When the new representative entered the legislature,some older memvers received him coldly because they regarded him as an upstart.

Most merchants report a slowdown in sales for October,but confidently expect an upturn with the approach of Christmas.

Our world geography teaher has just received an updated map that shows the latest national boundaries.

To qualify for better jobs,many employees attend evening courses where they can upgrade their skills.

The love of liberty is so firmly embedded in men’s hearts that no tyrant can hope to uproot it.

The management will be glad to mail you its leaflet,which contains news of upcoming films.

When knocked off his jawbone,the boxer waited till the count of nine before returning to an upright position.


Tom is my principal backer;if he withdraws his support,idon’t see how I can be elected.

My uncle paid for his vacation trip by making a withdrawal from his bank account.

We talked to the neighbor’s youngster and tried to be friendly,but he didn’t say anything;he seemed to be withdrawn.

Please don’t interrupt me.if you have something to say,withhold your comment until I have finished speaking.

Your employer is required to deduct a certin amount from your salary as a withholding tax payable to the federal government.

The walls of a dam must be strong enough to withstand tremendous water pressure.

Notwithstanding their advantage of height,the visiting players were unable to beat our basketball team.


Peter,who was chosen the handsomest boy in the senior class,is quite an Adonis.

An international force under the aegis of the United Nations has been dispatched to the troubled area.

Pioneer women were veritable amazons,performing heavy house-hold chores in addition to toiling in the fields beside their menfolk.

The ambrosial aroma of the roast whetted our appetites.

For reliable information about present national boundaries,consult an up-to-date atlas.

The darkness waned and a faint auroral glow began to appear in the east.

At 2 A.M. the neighbors called the police to quell the bacchanalian revelry in the upstairs apartment.

At first,Robert Fulton’s plans for his steamboat were derided as chimerical nonsense.

The dictator took Draconian measures against those he suspected of plotting a rebellion.

Students studying for final examinations yearn for the Elysian idleness of the summer vacation.

The pickets did not allow themselves to be provoked,despite the unruly crowds that gathered to hector them.

Among the Herculeam tasks confronting large cities are slum clearance and traffic control.

Dad had to break the hermetic seal to get a pill from the new bottle.

Children enjoy blowing iridescent soap bubbles from pipes.

Our jovial host entertained us with several amusing anecdotes about his employer.

Out-of-towners may easily lose their way in New York City’s labyrinthine subway passages.

All I received in response to my request was the laconic reply “Wait”.

For several hous after the operation the patient was lethargic because of the anesthetic.

Thanksgiving dinner at Grandmother’s is almost a Lucullan feast.

The Helvetians were a martial people who tried to conquer southern Gaul.

The retiring foreman ws persuaded to stay on for a month as mentor to his successor.

The older partner is rather dull and morose,but the younger has a mercurial temperament that appeals to customers.

The dictator surrounded himself with myrmidons who would loyally and pitilessly execute all orders.

Napoleon crushed many opponents,but Wellington proved to be his nemesis.

Your travel agent will gladly plan a year’s odyssey to places of interest around the world.

When the victory was announced,people danced in the streets and sang paeans of joy.

The little girl habitully fell asleep clutching a battered doll,her palladium.

A panic ensued when someone in the crowded auditorium yelled “Fire!”

In an hour-long philippic,the legislator denounced the lobbyists opposing his bill.

A handful of plutocratic investors,each owning more than a thousand shares,determined the policies of the corporation.

The martinet governed his classroom with procrustean discipline,assigning a week’s detention to all offenders,no matter what the offense.

The witness’ protean tactics under cross-examination gave the impression that he was untrustworthy.

Our winning the opening game ws a Pyrrhic victory,as our leading scorer ws seriously injured.

My former roommate was a saturnine scholar who said very little and smiled rarely.

The enemy employed a red-haired siren as a spy.

Next week the solons will return to the capital for the opening of the legislature.

Speak softly;you don’t need a stentorian voice to be heard in this small room.

A power failure at 11:03 P.M. plunged the city into Stygian blackness.

The considerate hostess removed the strawberry shortcake from the tabel so as not to tantalize her weight-conscious guest.

The reviewers lauded the ballet troupe for its terpsichorean artistry.

If you enjoy acting in plays,join your school’s thespian club.

By a titanic effort,out football team won the victory.


By reading reviews,you can keep au courant with new developments in literature,films,television,and the theater.

Edna has been attending too many parties during the holidays;she appears blase.

She looked very chic in her new hat.

The headwaiter ws debonair with the guests but firm with the waiters.

Our new supervisor is clever in matters in which his predecessor was maladroit.

You are naive if you believe implacable foes can be reconciled easily.

I am amazed that you can be so nonchalant about the coming test when everyone else is so worried.


We were unable to see the ambassador,but we spoke to one of the attaches.

A virile bourgeoisie contributes to a nation’s prosperity.

Whom did the President designate as charge d’affaires when he recalled the ambassador?

To verify the gem’s value,we consulted a connoisseur of rare diamonds.

Helen won’t bowl with us;she has her own coterie of bowling friends.

The debutante’s photograph was at the head of the society page.

Samuel Adams was a passionate devotee of American independence.

Fred likes to consider himself a member of the intellectual elite.

A committee ws formed to find housing and employment for the anxious emigres.

What entrepreneur will invest his capital unless there is some prospect of a profit?

The President’s envoy to the conference has not yet been chosen.

Madeline introduced Mr.Cole as her fiance.

The charge d’affaires requested that extra gendarmes be posted outside the embassy.

She was as simple and pretty as a film ingenue.

The maitre d’hotel supervises the waiters.

Our dean is an understanding counselor,not a martinet.

An unexpected inheritance catapulted him into the ranks of the nouveaux riches.

He is a protege of many popes.

Mark Twain was an excellent raconteur.


The violinist performed with rare eclat.

Because the cast had rehearsed with such elan,the director had few apprehensions about the opening-night performance.

You too would suffer from ennui if you had to spend months in a hospital bed.

The employees showed extraordinary esprit de corps when they volunteered to work Saturdays fro the duration of the crisis.

The adroit prosecutor arranged his questions with admirabe finesse.

By a feat of legerdemain,the magician produced a rabbit from his hat.

After the heavy,late supper,he experienced a feeling of malaise.

In the olden days,kings and other nobles,observing the principle of noblesse ovlige,fought at the head of their troops.

A common interest in gardening brought Molly and Loretta into closer rapport.

He played the game with perfect sangfroid.

You need both capital and savoir faire to be a successful entrepreneur.


On commencement day we shall bid adieu to our alma mater.

Since I hope to see you again,I’ll say au revoir rather than adieu.

A timely billet-doux can patch up a lovers’ quarrel.

He often sets the table a-roaring with a well-placed bon mot.

This helpful brochure explains social security benefits.

It took a public appearance by the monarch to silence the canard that he had been assassinated.

Two cliches that we can easily do without are:”first and fore most”and “last but not least.”

The juniors expect to win,but,entre nous,their chances are not too good.

To improve your writing,try to find the mot juste for each idea and avoid cliches.

Include only the essential points when you write a precis.

James Boswell admired Samuel Johnson’s power of repartee.

The instructor asked for a resume of the last lesson.

Surprised to see him eating the apple core,I asked,”Won’t it affect you?””Pleasurably”was his riposte.

Before answerin,the witness had a tete-a-tete with his attorney.


She enjoyed all her subjects except mathematics,her bete noire.

The employer gave his secretary carte blanche in managing the routine affairs of the office.

The trial of John Peter Zenger,a cause celebre in the eighteenth century,helped to establish freedom of the press in America.

Painting proved to be a cul-de-sac for Philip Carey,as he had no real talent.

The debacle at Waterloo signaled the end of Napoleon’s power.

Since Mother couldn’t decide whether or not to buy the dress for me,I planned to buy it myself and present her with a fait accompli.

However, it turned out to be a faux pas,as Mother made me return the dress.

The foreman reported that the jury could deliberate no further,as they had readched an impasse.

By joining the alumni association,graduates can maintian their liaison with the school.

Our last amateur show was a melange of dramatic skits,acrobatics,ballet,popular tunes,and classical music.

The sheet of water we thought we saw on the road ahead turned out to be only a mirage.


Napoleon seized power by a coup d’etat.

Hitler’s attack on Russia,shortly after his pact with Stalin,was a stunning demarche.

An effective world disarmament treaty should bring a detente in international tensions.

Canada and the United States have a long-standing entente on border problems.

Adam Smith believed a policy of laissez-faire toward business would benefit a nation.

Dr.Manette was imprisoned through a lettre de cachet.

The gradual rapprochement between these two nations,long traditional enemies,cheered all Europeans.

The coup d’etat brought to power a regime that restored civil liberties to the oppressed people.


Walt Whitman was no conservative;his daring innovations in poetry place him in the avant=garde of nineteenth-century writers.

The ancient Greek Parthenon is famed for its beautiful sculpture in bas-relief.

A downbeat is the downward stroke of the conductor’s baton,denoting the principally accented note of a measure.

Many connoisseurs regard Hamlet as Shakespeare’s chef d’oeuvre.

In the denouement of Great Expectations,we learn that Pip’s secret benefactor is the runaway convict whom Pip had once helped.

In appreciation of the enthusiastic applause,the vocalist sang an encore.

The literary genre to which Poe contributed most is the short story.

At last night’s musicale in my cousin’s house,we were entertained by a string quartet.

After a few canvas strokes,the artist reapplies his brush to his palette for more paint.

The guitarist apologized for not being able to play the requested number,explaining that it was not in his repertoire.

James Joyce’s Dubliners offers some unforgettable vignettes of life in Dublin at the turn of the century.


If you order an a la carte dinner,you select whatever you wish from the bill of fare,paying only for the dishes ordered.

Select a nonalcoholic appetizer,such as tomato juice,if you do not care fore an aperitif.

For St.Valentine’s Day,Mother received a heart-shaped box of delicious bonbons.

Around the corner is a restaurant specializing in French cuisine.

Aunt Dorothy always takes cream with her coffee;she is not fond of demitasse.

We had a choice of the following entrees:roast beef,fried chicken,or baked mackerel.

Because they contain no bones or excess fat,filets are more expensive than ordinary cuts of meat.

Mother will need olives,celery,and anchovies for her hors d’oeuvres.

If you eat too much of the introductory dishes,you will have little appetite for the piece de resistance.

If you order a table d’hote dinner,you pay the price fixed for the entire dinner,even if you do not have some of the dishes.


School corridors and stairways would have to be widened considerably if all girls were to wear bouffant skirts.

Though more comfortable than most other dresses,the chemise has often been ridiculed for its shapelessness.

Sally’s attractive new coiffure ws arranged for her by my sister’s hair stylist.

At the Christmas season,ladies often adorn their coats with a holly corsage.

My cousin sent me a light blu shirt and a navy blue cravat.

To add a touch of bright color to her outfit,Jane wore a flamboyant scarf.

The actor’s baldness was cleverly concealed by a very natural-looking toupee.

Women’s fashions change rapidly;what is in style today may be out of vogue tomorrow.


Dieters constantly check their avoirdupois.

Pay attention to important matters;don’t waste time on bagatelles.

A sergeant unholstered his pistol and ran forward to give the coup de grace.

The patient’s cheerful smile was just a facade;actually,she was suffering from ennui.

Retiring employees are often feted at a special dinner.

Let’s meet in the foyer of the Bijou Theater.

David found it much easier to make friends in his new milieu.

In summer when you stroll on eh boardwalk in the noonday sun,it is advisable to take along a parasol.

Charles Dickens was a raconteur par excellence.

Since they are held in place by a spring that pinches the nose,pince-nez maynot be as comfortable as ordinary eyeglasses.

Abe is very fond of gold;he feels it is his chief raison d’etre.

We agreed to meet after the test at the corner ice-cream parlor,our usual rendezvous.

I knew that Dad was coming to let me in because I recognized his silhouette behind the curtained door.

Andrew Jackson was known by the sobriquet “Old Hickory.”

To most graduates the senior yearbook is a treasured souvenir of high school days.

George’s sixty-yard touchdown run was an admirable tour de force that won the game for us.

At the banquet table,I had the good fortune to sit vis-a-vis an knockout old school chum.


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