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10天记住1000个单词教程 (3)  

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Vocabulary 22000
Imagination Radiating Method

Young Ben franklin learned the printing trade by serving as an apprentive to his half brother James.

Eric is clumsy with tools;he has little mechanical aptitude.

To build a house, you need the servic3s of carpenters,bricklayers,plumbers,electricians,and several other craftsmen.

You can’t expect an apprentice to have the same dexterity as a master craftsman.

Our adroit passing enabled us to score four touchdowns.

Jack is an ambidextrous hitter;he can bat right-handed or left-handed.

Leonardo da Vinci was remarkably versatile.He was a painter,sculptor,architect,musician,engineer and scientist.


By hard work,many Americans have raised themselves from indigence to wealth.

Housewives can economize by buying their milk in gallon containers.

The increase in dues is only 10 cents. It will not impoverish any memer.

The severe earthquake killed hundreds of people and left thousands destitute.

The old man had nothing to eat but bread and cheese;yet he offered to share this frugal meal with his visitor.

An allowance of $200 a week for lunches and fares isn’t much,but you can get by on it if you are frugal.


People who suffer from avarice spend much less and save much more than they should.

With his wife’s dowry,the young attorney was able to open a law office.

To own an expensive home,a yacht,and a limousine,you have to be a man of means.

Dickens contrasts the opulence of France’s nobility with the indigence of her peasants.

Peter coveted his neighbor’s farm but could not get her to sell it.

If your brother paid $400 for that car,he was fleeced.the mechanic says it is worth $150.

Tom had a reputation as a miser who hoarded every penny he could get his hands on.

The new wing to the hospital was made possible by a gift of $500000 from an affluent contributor.

People who keep spending more than they earn usually get into financial difficulties.

The young heir was warned that he would soon have nothing left if he continued to be lavish with money.

Vera’s composition is good,but it doesn’t deserve the lavish praise that Linda gave it.

To run a restaurant is a lucrative business.


A hero risks his life to help others;a craven runs from the scene.

I thought Carol would be nervous when she made her speech,but she delivered it without trepidation.

Brave men defy tyrants,instead of cowering before them.

The younger boys would not have given up the playing field so quickly if the older boys hadn’t intimidated them.

Several apprehensive parents telephoned the school when the children were late in getting home from the museum trip.

It was dastardly of the captain to desert the sinking vessel and leave the passengers to fend for themselves.

If the other team challenges us, we should accept. Let’s not be so timid.


Robert E.Peary won worldwide fame for his exploits as an Arctic explorer.

The captain showed remarkable fortitude in continuing to lead his men despite a painful wound.

Risking serious injury,the outfielder made an audacious leap against the concrete wall and caught the powerfully hit ball.

After we had waited for about twenty minutes,an audacious freshman came along and tried to get in at the head of our line.


Inspector Javert discovered that John Smith was not the mayor’s real name but an alias for Jean Valjean, the ex-convict.

Jean Valjean,alias John Smith, was arrested by Inspector Javert.

I have read the first homework problem several times but can’t understand it. Maybe you can help me with this enigma.

General Braddock’s troops,marching in columns,were easy targets for the Indians lurking behind trees.

To find a quiet place to study,bruce had to seclude himself in the attic.

Before the Revolutionary War, an underground organization,know as the Sons of Liberty, uased to hold clandestine meetings Boston.

A good education will elp you discover and develop your latent talents.

The burglar must have been very stealthy if he was able to get past the two watchmen without being noticed.


The white flag of surrender is an avowal of defeat.

The magazine has apprised its readers of an increase in rates beginning January 1.

I told my secret only to Margaret because I knew she would not divulge it.

By questioning the witness,the attorney elicited the fact that it was raining at the time of the accident.

The new student was going in the wrong direction until someone enlightened him that his room is at the other end of the hall.

My art teacher told my parents that I have failed to manifest any interest in her subject.

It is now manifest that,if I do not do my work,I will fail the course.

The teacher didn’t believe that Ned was annoying me until she saw him in the overt act of pulling my hair.


Though we are in accord on what our goals should be,we differ on the means for achieving them.

The states bordering on the Delaware River have entered into a compact for the sharing of its water.

At first, the union and management were far apart on wages,but they finally came to a compromise.

When I asked my English teacher if I might change my topic,he readily acceded to my request.

When a new style in clothes appears,women usually haten to conform.

The rank of second lieutenant in the Army corresponds to that of ensign in the Navy.

Gilbert’s skill as a writer dovetailed Sullivan’s talent as a composer,resulting in the famous Gilbert and Sullivan operattas.

After our quarrel,my brother and I refused to talk to each other until Mother reconciled us.

The mayor has banned all lawn sprinkling because of the water shortage. However, if the reservoirs fill up,he may relent somewhat.

Miss Evans knows that Arthur and I can’t be on the same committee. We’re not compatible.

By bringing up an unrelated matter you are not being consistent with your previous statement that we should stick to the topic.


The teacher halted the altercation by separating the two opponents before they could come to blows.

Our party hopes to repair the cleavage in its ranks so that it may present a united front in the coming elections.

Billy budd put an end to the discord aboard the RIGHTS-OF-MAN.He was an excellent peacemaker.

Eighty students came to the dance but only seventy-four tickets were collected at the door. Can you account for this discrepancy?

At the budget hearing,there was considerable friction between the supporters and the opponents of higher taxes.

Some business disputes can be settled out of court;others require litigation.

The official antagonized the leader of his own party by accusing him of cowardice.

The vote approving the amendment was far from unanimous;six members dissented.

Motorists who disregard traffic regulations eventually become embroiled with the law.

A quarrel over an inheritance estranged the brothers for many years.

When I left,two neighbors were quarreling noisily. When I returned an hour later, they were still wrangling.

It is doubtful whether anyone can make peace between the estranged partners;they have becoem irreconcilable.

Cynthia is an independent thinker. Her opinions are often at variance with those of the rest of the class.


There is a shelf in our kitchen for pepper,salt,mustard,catsup and other condiments.

I had a second helping and would have taken a third except that I didn’t want to be considered a glutton.

The hikes were so hungry that they devoured the hamburgers as fast as they were served.

On a sultry afternoon you may find a long line of people at the drinking fountain,waiting to slake their thirst.

Never eat wild mushrooms,even though they look edible. They may be poisonous.

The watermelon was very luscious. Everyone wanted another slice.

The main dish had little flavor,but I made it palatable by adding condiments.

The steak will be dry if you leave it in the oven longer. Take it our now if you want it to be succulent.

John would not be overweight if he were not such a voracious eater.

Size / Quantity

After the test I thought at first I had done very well, then quite well,and finally,poorly.I ran the gamut from confidence to despair.

If you make the same mistake again,despite all my warnings,I will not hae one iota of sympathy for you.

Shopping for clothes can be a small matter for some,but a problem of the greatest magnitude for others.

At those low wages,few will apply for the job. Who wants to work for a pittance?

Our committee doesn’t need any more help. We have superabundance of helpers.

Since the football has lost air,we shall need a pump to inflate it.

The game will be played in a colossal arena with a seating capacity of more than 60,000.

Even during change of classes there is no crowding because the halls and stairways are commodious.

In our science lesson tomorrow we shall consider whether space is bounded or infinite.

If there is any salt in this soup,it must be infinitesimal. I can’t taste it.

Frank kept my book for such an inordinate length of time that I shall never lend him anything again.

The trouble with your studying is that you spend too much time on picayune details and not enough on the really important matters.

The skyscraper dwarfs the surrounding buildings.by comparison to it,they seem puny.


But he soon overcame this infirmity.

The patient had been so debilitated by the fever that he lacked the strength to sit up.

Evervated by the heat,we rested under a shady tree until our strength was restored.

Ruth will be absent today. She is incapacitated by a sore throat.

When industry moves away,a flourishing town may quickly become decadent.

Bill rode past the street on a horse that looked decrepit and about to collapse.

Up the road was an abandoned farmhouse,partially in ruins,and near it a barn,even more dilapidated.

Judy understands algebra well but I have only a flimsy grasp of the subject.

To be an astronaut,you must be in robut health. It is not an occupation for a frail person.


For centuries the British regarded their navy as their principal bulwark against invasion.

The fortified city of Singapore was once considered unconquerable.In 1942,however,this citadel fell to the Japanese.

I am better than Jack in English but not in math;that is his forte.

The robust young pitcher performed with his usual vigor for seven innings,but he weakened in the eighth and was removed from the game.

If you feel enervated by the heat,try a swim in the cool ocean. It will invigorate you.

Excuses for not handing work in on time vary. Some are flimsy,as, for example,”I left it at home.” Others are more cogent,such as a physician’s note.

If you elect Jessica,you may be sure she will present our views forcefully and energetically.She is a very dynamic speaker.

Our hopes for an easy victory sank when our opponents took the field.They were much taller and huskier,and they looked formidable.

Before World War II,the French regarded their Maginot Line as an impregnable bulwark against a German invasion.

The lifeguard was in excellent physical condition.I had never seen anyone more robust.

After the dog got the ball,I tried to dislodge it from her tenacious jaws,but I couldn’t.

Your protest was too mild. If it had been more vehement,the dealer might have paid attention to it.


The royals must be on the playing field by 4 p.m. if they do not appear,they will lose the game by default.

The finance company took away Mr.Lee’s car when he defaulted on the payments.

The motorist was given a ticket for ignoring a stop sign.

Some of the students in the play neglected their studies during rehearsals,but after the performance they caught up quickly.

For leaving his post,the guard was charged with neglect of duty.

Before his injury,Mike used to jump from the stairs,heedless of the “No Jumping”sign.Now he pays attention to it.

Unfortunately,I made an inadvertent remark about Irma’s failure while she was present.

The owner of the stolen car was himself remiss.he left the keys the vehicle.

You would not expect anyone so neat in her personal appearance to be slovenly in her housekeeping.


My brother’s solicitude over getting into college ended when he received word that he had been accepted.

The night watchmen who apprehended the thief ws praised for his vigilance.

Our teacher said that we might have a test,but I didn’t heed her.That’s why I was unprepared.

The guard at the gte scrutinizzed Harvery’s pass before letting him in,but he just glanced at mine.

You were discreet not to say anything about our plans when Harry was here. He can’t keep a secret.

Before signing a contract,one should read it carefully,including the fine print. This is one case where it pays to be meticulous.

Mr.Brooks refused to be a judge because his wife’s niece is a contestant. He is very scrupulous.

General Braddock might not have been defeated if he had been wary of an ambush.


On their safari,the hunters stalked lions,tigers,and other ferocious denizens of the jungle.

The announcement read:”The Coopers have moved and invite you to visit them at their new domicile,22 Apple Street.”

When the warden took charge,the prison had fewer than 100 inmates.

The entire Russo family are natives of New Jersey except the grandparents,who were born in Italy.

Tobacco,potatoes,and tomatoes are native American plants that were introduced into Europe by explorers returning from the New World.

Nomads have no fixed homes but move from region to region to secure their food supply.

On her trip home,Jane will stop in St.Louis for a two day sojourn with relatives.

Hundreds of thousands of suburban residents regularly commute to the city.

Because they were persecuted in England,the Puritans migrated to Holland.

In winter,many European birds migrate to the British Isles in search of a more temperate climate.

Most of the Indians of the North American plains are nomadic.

After living abroad or a time,Robert became homesick for his native land.


The union showed defiance of the court order against a strike by calling the workers off their jobs.

Parking at the bus stop is illegal. Motorists committing this infraction are heavily fined.

When the revolt broke out,the government ordered its troops to arrest the insurgents.

The insurrection was easily suppressed,less than a dozen being slain on both sides.

The work stoppage was caused by a few malcontents who felt they had been ignored when the promotions were made.

The author of the pamphlet advocating the overthrow of the government was arrested for sedition.

Jack’s previous record showed he had been an obedient student and had never transgressed school regulations.

The owner erected a “Keep OFF” sign to discourage strangers from trespassing on his land.

Do as mother says. If you are insubordinate,father will probably hear of it.

Though I had care fully explained the shorter route to him, the perverse youngster came by the longer way.


Every school day,millions of children “pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the republic for which it stands.”

Though I wasn’t enthusiastic about Tom’s plan to go fishing,I acquiesced in it because there seemed nothing else to do.

Husbands as a rule do not decide on the colors of home furnishings but defer to their wives in these matters.

Mr.Walker,who had been told that he was getting a disciplined class,was surprised to find it unruly.

Though he boasted he would never be taken alive,the outlaw submitted without a struggle when the police arrived.

Dan is easy to each,but his brother is not so docile.

Only two of the girls protested when they were ordered off the field. The rest were too meek to complain.

We tried to get Joe to change his mind,but he was not pliable. Perhaps you can influence him.

For his cabinet,the dictator wanted tractable men. Therefore,he appointed no one whom he could not control.


My sister dawdles over the dishes. Mother gets them done without wasting time.

Most of the picnickers took cover when rain seemed imminent. The few that procrastinated got drenched.

We had planned to stay only for lunch but,at our host’s insistence, we protracted our visit until after dinner.

Carl’s sore arm is not a new development but the return of a chronic ailment.

Rhoda is a chronic complainer. She is always dissatisfied.

When the strike is settled,there will probably be an increase in wages and a concurrent increase in prices.

By the sudden darkening of the skies and the thunder in the distance,we could tell that rain was imminent.

Certain serious deseases can be successfully treated if detected in and incipient stage.

There were intervals when the sun broke through the clouds,because the showers were intermittent.

Don’t think that war has plagued only our times. It has been  aperennial curse of man.

Some grasses last only a year. Others are perennial.

Though polio has practically been wiped out,there have been sporadic cases of the disease.


The union and management held a lengthy meeting without getting to the essence of the men’s dissatisfaction-low wages.

A mark of at least 75% in Basic Art is a prerequisite for Advenced Art.

Can your family afford the extra expense that a larger apartment entails?

Mr. Brown told Ellen that her refusal to work necessitates sending for her parents.

If your friend ere in trouble,wouldn’t you feel obliged to go his help?

Helen has agreed to lend me the book I need. This obviates my trip to the library.

State law makes attendance at school compulsory for children of certain ages.

Were it not for your gratuitous interference,the children would have quickly settled their dispute.

If you have failed a subject you need for graduation,it is imperative that you go to summer school.

Dan felt it incumbent on him to pay for the window,since he had hit the ball that broke it.

We can do without luxuries and entertainment. However,food,shelter,and clothing are indispensable.

Before preparing for tomorrow’s party,I have some more prssing matters to attend to, such as finishing my report.

Since we already have enough food for the picnic,please don’t bring any because it will only be superfluous.

Aut,Auto --- self

In her autobiography The Story of My Life, Helen keller tells how unruly she was as a young child.

The autocrat was replaced by a ruler responsible to the people.

The baseball star wrote his autograph for an admirer who came up to him with a pencil and scorecard.

Many workers have lost their jobs as a result of automation.

An autocrat prefers his subjects to be automatons,rather than intelligent human beings.

After World War II, many colonies were granted autonomy and became independent nations.

The cause of the actor’s sudden death will not be known until the autopsy has been performed.

When you withdraw money,the bank compares your signature with the one in its files to see if it is authentic.

You do not have to defrost this refrigerator because it is equipped with an automatic defroster.

The Alumni Association is not under the control of the school. It is a completely autonomous group.


Before 1789,France was an aristocracy.

When the Revolution of 1789 began,many members of the French aristocracy fled to other lands.

Germany under Adolf Hitler ws an autocracy.

The mayor was criticized for setting up an inefficient bureaucracy unresponsive to the needs of the people.

France helped the Thirteen Colonies establish the firse New World democracy.

If only millionaires can afford to run for office,we shall quickly become a plutocracy.

Many are opposed to a technocracy because they do not wish to be ruled by technical experts.

An aristocrat would like to see noblemen in control of the government.

Winston Churchill was born an aristocrat;he was the son of Sir Randolph Churchill.

The Senator used to be a Republican but is now a Democrat.


No responsible leader,only a demagogue,would tell the people that,if elected,he will solve all their problems.

The high rate of absence in the lower grades last spring was caused by the measles epidemic.

Federal aid was granted to the depressed area where unemployment had risen to epidemic proportions.

The adoption of the 19th Amendment,giving women the franchise greatly democratized the United States.

A nation cannot be considered democratic unless its leaders are chosen by the people in free elections.


A two-week vacation is wonderful for fatigue,but will not cure baldness or improve vision. It is no panaca.

The huge crowds in Times Squake grew noisier as the old year ticked away,and when midnight struck there was pandemonium.

The opposing knights,mounted and in full panoply,awaited the signal for the tournament to begin.

The top of the Empire State Building affords an excellent panorama of New York City and the surrounding area.

Not until THE GREAT DICTATOR did Charlie Chaplin play a speaking part. All his previous roles were in pantomime.

The Pan-American Highway links all of the countries of the Western Hemisphere rom Alaska to Chile.


It is an anachronism to say that william Shakespeare “typed” his manuscripts.

One of the earliest accounts of King Arthur occurs in a 12th-century chronicle of the kings of Britain.

Bruce named all the Presidents,but he made an error in chronology when he placed Ulysses S.Grant after Abraham Lincoln,instead of after Andrew Johnson.

The magazines in this file are not in chronological order. I found the February issue after the October one.

The clocks in the library need to be synchronized; one is a minute and a half behind the other.

The millionaire who was caught shoplifting was found to be suffering from kleptomania.

For a student with an A average to quit school two months before graduation is sheer mania.

Though I am still fond of stamp collecting,I no longer have the mania for it that I originally had.

The deranged behavior of John’s brother leaves little doubt that he is a maniac.

The preson arrested for setting the fire had been suspected of pyromania on two previous occasions.

The customer protested in such a loud, violent,and maniacal manner that onlookers thought he had lost his sanity.



There are four different encyclopedias in the reference section of our school library.

Patients recovering from broken limbs are housed in the hopital’s orthopedic ward.

A new teacher usually receives a great deal of help from the more experienced pedagogues.

Mr.Brown’s lessons are usually excellent. He is a master of pedagogy.

When the baby developed a fever, Mother telephoned the pediatrician

From the number of baby carriages outside his office,you can tell that Dr.Enders specializes in pediatrics.


A student who wears braces on his teeth is obviously under the care of an orthodontist.

American and English orthography are very much alike.

A deformity of the spine is a condition that requires the attention of an orthopedist.

There ws no religious liberty in the Massachusetts Bay Colony. Roger Williams,for example, was banished because he did not accept orthodox Puritan beliefs.

Vaccination was rejected as unorthodox when Dr. Jenner first suggested it.

Gen, Gena---race

Diana can trace her descent from an ancestor who fought in the Civil War. I know much less about my own genealogy.

According to legend,the Trojan War had its genesis in a dispute between three Greek goddesses.

If dairies did not homogenize milk,the cream would be concentrated at the top instead of being evenly distributed.

Many different racial and cultural groups are to be found in the heterogeneous population of a large city.

The dancers for the ballet were selected for similarity of height and build so that they might present a homogeneous appearance.


When the barometer indicates a rapid drop in air pressure,it  means a storm is coming.

Unlike ordinary clocks and watches,chronometers are little affected by temperature changes or vibration.

Some giant redwood trees measure 325 feet in height and up to 30 feet in diameter.

When water meters are installed,it will be easy to tell how much water each home is using.

A meter is 3.37 inches longer than a yard.

All eyes,except the driver’s,were fastened on the odometer as it moved from 9,999.9 to 10,000 miles.

The intensity of a source of light,such as an eletric liht bulb,can be measured with a photometer.

I advised Dad to slow down as we were in a 30-mile-an-hour zone and his speedometer registered more than 40.

As the planes sped by,we were impressed by the perfect symmetry of their V-formation.


Japan was our antagonist in the World War II.

Brutus is the main character in William Shakespeare’s JULIUS CAESAR, and Antony is his antagonist.

The antibiotic penicillin stops the growth of bacteria causing pneumonia,tonsillitis,and certain other diseases.

When the body is invaded by foreign agents such as bacteria or viruses,the antibodies go to work against them.

By telephone,the physician prescribed the exact antidote to be given immediately to the poison victim.

A few of the neighbors have an antipathy to dogs,but most are ond of them.

The wound was carefully washed;then an antiseptic,tincture of iodine,was applied.

We are injected with diphtheria antitoxin produced in horses beause the antitoxin manufactured by our bodies may not be enough to prevent diphtheria.

“Temporary” is the antonym of “permanent”.


The word “radar” is an acronym for Radio Detecting And Range.

“Fair”and “fare” are homonyms.

Notice the onomatopoeia in these lines by the poet John Drydth:” The double,double,double beat/Of the thundering drum.”

O.Henry is pseudonym of William Sydney Porter.

“Building” is a synonym for “edifice.”

When you write a letter to the editor,be sure to sign it. Responsible publications eill not print anonymous letters.


The patient with the skin disorder is under the care of a dermatologist.

The tiny cells from which hairs grow are located in the dermis.

Although very thin,the epidermis serves to protect the underlying dermis.

The lifelike models of animals that you see in museums are the work of taxidermists.

A hypodermic syringe is used for injecting medication beneath the skin.


The science of agronomy helps farmers obtain larger and better crops.

Being a gastronome,my uncle is well acquainted with the best restaurants in the city.

The fleeing murderer escaped the bullets of two pursuing policeman ran itno a third who proved to be his nemesis.

We would have ended the season without a defeat if not for our old nemesis,Greeley High.

The first astronomical observations with a telescope were made by the Italian scientist Galileo.

It is difficult to conceive of so astronomical a sum as one hundred billion dollars.

The President’s chief economic adviser expects that production will continue at the same rate for the rest of the year.

Which is the most economical fuel for home heating-gas,electricity,or oil?


When used as a wrapper,cellophane lets the purchaser see the contents of the package.

We must be able to distinguish between fact and fancy.

Anne is not sure whether she saw a face at the window.Perhaps it was only a fantasy.

The phantom of the slain Caesar appeared to Brutus in a dream.

Philip is a phenomenon in math. He always gets 100% on tests.

Fever and infalmmation are phenomenon of disease.

Young Mozart, a phenomenal child,began composing music at the age of 5.

Robert Fulton’s proposal to build a steamboat was was at first regarded as fantastic.


Diathermy may be proscribed for arthritis,bursitis,and other conditions requiring heat treatment.

During the hot spell,the thermometer reached 100 degrees on six days in a row.

We set the thermostat to shut off the heat when the room temperature reaches 72 degrees.

At Lava Hot Springs in Idaho,visitors may bathe in the thermal mineral waters.

It is believed that the sun gets its energy from thermonuclear reactions constantly taking place within it.


Brutus is the protagonist in William Shakespeare’s JULIUS CAESAR,and Antony is the antagonist.

The protocol initiated by the representatives of the three nations is expected to lead to a formal treaty.

It is a breach of protocol for a subordinate publicly to question the judgment of his uperior officer.

Protoplasm distinguishes living from nonliving things.

The crude craft in which the Wright brothers made the first successful flight in 1903 was the prototype of the modern airplane.

The tiny protozoans are believed to be the first animals to have appeared on earth.


I cannot vote for a condidate who stands for the antithesis of what I believe.

In “crafty Ulysses” and “Richard the Lion-Hearted” the epithets are “crafty” and “the Lion-Hearted”.

When Columbus first presented his hypothesis that the earthis round,very few belieed it.

Only political parties can produce the synthesis or compromise of interest necessary to make representative government work.

Do you agree with Elbert’s thesis that a student court would be good for our school?

Candidates for advanced college degrees usually must write a thesis based on original research.

Cotton is a natural fiber,but rayon and nylon are synthetic.


Most asters bloom in the fall.

The asterisk after “Reduced to $1.95” refers to a footnote reding “Today only.”

Compared to planet Earth,some asteroids are tiny,measuring less than a mile in diameter.

If an asteroid loses an arm to an attacker,it can grow back the missing arm.

An astrologer would have people believe that their lives are regulated by the movements of the stars,planets,sun and moon.

Yuri Ggarin,the world’s first astronaut,orbited the earth in an artificial satellite on April 12,1961.

Because the stars are so far away,astronomers measure their distance from Earth in “light years”.

The attack on Pearl Harbor was the worst disaster in the history of the U.S.Navy.


“Moat” is an anagram for “atom”.

Ancient cartographers did not know of the existence of the Western Hemisphere.

Military leaders,diplomats,and businessmen use cryptograms to relay secret information.

After reading Mrs.Hale’s electrocardiogram,the physician assured her that her heart was working properly.

“The more things aman is ashamed of ,the more respectabe he is“ is one of George Bernard Shaw’s epigrams.

“Lead” pencils do not contain lead,but rather a mixture of clay and graphite.

Some of Dad’s hadkerchiefs are embroidered with his monogram.

For his thesis,the student plans to write a monograph on the life of an obscure 19th-century composer.

A court stenographer has to be able to take down more than 250 words a minute.

The reporter’s graphic descriptin made us feel that we were present at the scene.

Proofs submitted by the printer should be carefully checked to eliminate typographical errors.


The automobile was a total wreck,but the river,luckily,escaped with minor cuts and abrasions.

My uncle,an accountant,composes music as an avocation.

The aging king abdicated his throne and went into retirement.

The Greeks attacked Troy to recover Helen,who had veen abducted by the Trojan prince Paris.

Janet is doing her best to pass English because she abhors the thought of having to repeat it in summer school.

A wide search is under way for the manager who absconded with $10000 of his employer’s funds.

The fact that you were absent when the assignment was given does not absolve you from dong the homework.

Of the three suspects,two were found guilty and the third was absolved.

My dentist said I would have fewer cavities if I abstained from eating candy.

The mayor promised to do everything in his power to avert a strike by newspaper employees.

We had three absences today,which is abnormal.Usually,everyone is present.

Today’s art lesson came to an abrupt end when the gongs sounded for a fire drill.

That was an absorbing book.it held my interest from beginning to end.

I am in favor of the dance,but I am averse to holding it on May 25.

You can count on Martha’s support in your campaign for reelection.she is one of your most loyal adherents.

The Weather Bureau gave adeqquate warning of the advent of the hurricane.

Before the contest began,the champion shook hands with his adversary.

People who work at night have to adapt themselves to sleeping in the daytime.

“Gone With The Wind” was adapted for the movies.

Mexico adjoins the United States.

The judge adjourned the court to the following Monday.

You will not become addicted to smoking if you refuse cigarettes when they are offered.

The student who arived ten minutes late did not hve adequate time to finish the test.

The island of Cuba is adjacent to Florida.

Because of adverse review,the producer announced that the play will close with tonight’s performance.

Ante---before ;Post ---after

David’s antecedents came to this country more than a hundred years ago.

If the physician is busy when patients arrive,the nurse asks them to wait in the anteroom.

The purpose of a postmortem is to discover the cause of death.

After signing the letter,I noticed I had omited an important fact.therefore,I mentioned it in a postscript.

If you used yesterday’s date on a check written today,you have antedated the check.

Alaska antedates Hawaii as a state,having gained statehood on January 3,1959,seven months before hawaii.

This a postdated chek;it has tomorrow’s date on it.

Our classes usually begin at 8 a.m.

At 4 p.m. the chairman announced the debate to be closed.

Fter college,Mary hopes to do postgraduate work in law school.


The bicentennial of George Washington’s birth was celebrated in 1932.

At the end of the lesson,agroup gathered about the teacher in a semicircle to ask additional questions.

A diameter is a line that bisects a circle.

The american legislature is bicameral;it consists of the House of Representatives and the Senate.

A defeated candidate for the House of Representatives must wait two years before running aain,because the elections are biennial.

We receive only six bills a year because we are billed on a bimonthly basis.

Promotion in our school is semiannual;it occurs in January and June.

Employees paid on a semimonthly basis receive two salary checks per month.

French forces joined the Americans in a bilateral action against the British at the Battle of Yorktown in 1781.

Montreal has a large number of bilingual citizens who speak English and French.

Some schools in Spanish-speaking communities send bilingual notices,written in English and Spanish,to the parents.

Congressional committees are bipartisan;they consist of both Democratic and Republican members.

In the morning, as you begin to awaken,you are in a semiconscious state.

All the houses on the block are attached,except the corner ones,which are semidetached.

Workers who enter a semiskilled occupation do not have to undergo a long period of training.


The king promised to pardon any insurgent who would lay down his arms.

General Washington led the insurgent forces in the Revolutionary War.

Running water is one of the principal causes of soil erosion.

In 1889,Charles Steinmetz,an engineer,emigrated from Germany..

In 1889,Charles Steinmetz immigrated to the United States.

The suggestion to lengthen the school year has evoked considerable opposition.

Refusing to answer the question,the witness invoke the Fifth Amendment,which protects a person from being compelled to testify against himself.

With a penknife,he peeled the apple and excised the wormy part.

The letters on the monument had been incised with a chisel.

The art department is exhibiting the oustanding posters produced in its classes.

Ellen told the child not to cry,but he could not inhibit his tears.

Expelled from the university because of poor grades,the student applied for readmission the following term.

Gregg’s low mark in the midterm impelled him to study harder for the final.

Irma ws so enervated by the broiling sun that she nearly fainted.

The accused is not the only guilty party;two others are implicated.

The treasurer should not have been offended when asked for a financial report.No one was impuging his honesty.

On July 14,1789,the people of Paris freed the prisoners incarcerated in the Bastille.

The name of the winner will be inscribed on the medal.

Steinmetz’s discoveries in the field of electricity made him one of the eminent scientists of the twentieth century.

At the first flash of lightning,the beach crowd scurried for shelfter from the imminent storm.

An exclusive club does not readily accept newcomers.

Before the game,each team had exclusive use of the field for a ten-minute practice period.

The film will be shown from August 22 to 24,inclusive,for a total of three days.


Why don’t you join an extracurricular activity,such as a club,the school newspaper,or a team?

You said you would stick to the topic,but you keep introducing extraneous issues.

Reliable salesmen do not make extravagant claims for their product.

In a few months,the extravagant heir spent the fortune of a lifetime.

The intramural program,in which one class competes with another,gives you a greater chance to participate than the interscholastic program between teams of competing schools.

The Democrats are trying to heal intraparty strife so as to present a united front in the coming election.

Commerce between the states is regulated by the Interstate Commerce Commission,but intrastate commerce is supervised by the states themselves.

Patients are nourished by intravenous feeding when too ill to take food by mouth.


Are you on the pro or con side of this argument?

Before taking an important step,crefully study the pros and ons of the matter.

Customs officials examined the luggage of the suspected smuggler but found no contraband.

American controversy with Great Britain over the Oregon Territory nearly led to war.

By invading the neutral nation,the dictator contravened his earlier pledge to guarantee its independence.

The monitor ordered the student to go to the end of the line,but the teacher countermanded the order.

The student’s plan to drop out of school ran counter to his parents’ wishes.

The suspects’ fingerprints on the safe were considered incontrovertible evidence that he had participated in the robbery.


Between World War II and the Korean War,there was a five year interlude of peace.

For his role as intermediary in helping to end the Russo-Japanese War,theodore Roosevelt won the Novel Peace Prize.

During the intermission between the first and second acts,you will have a chance to purchase refreshments.

My brother would have lost the argument if Dad hadn’t interceded for him.

We gained possession of the ball when Russ intercepted a forward pass.

Broadway intersects Seventh Avenue at Time Square.

The summer vacation intervenes the close of one school year and the beginning of the next.

Let the boys settle the dispute by themselves;don’t intervene.

It is difficult to make interlinear notes if the space between the lines is very small.

The only way to get to the next town is by automobile or taxi;there is no interurban bus.

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