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10天背诵英文10000单词 教程(1)  

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恶补英文10天背诵英文10000单词 教程




 Vocabulary 10000
Lesson 1
        A monument was built to commemorate the victory.

The children huddled together for warmth.

Censure is sometimes harder to bear than punishment.

The new vaccine eradicated all traces of the disease within three months.

The barbarians defiled the church by using it as a stable.

The pregnant woman has an enlarged abdomen.

The lost hikers were bereft of hope when the rescue plane did not see them.

The children were bereaved by the death of their parents.

This battlefield is consecrated to the memory of the soldiers who died here.

A good joke does not necessarily evoke a hearty laugh.

Wheels left grooves in a muddy dirt road.

The old car jolted its passengers badly as it went over the rough road.

Bowing to greet a lady is now an obsolete custom.

Many wild animals prowl at night looking for something to eat.

The children scooped holes in the sand.

Diplomats are interested in the status of world affairs.

The farmer sued the railroad station because his cow was killed by the train.

The counter of the sink has many grooves along which the water will run off.

The cat prowled around the cellar looking for mice.

We all sympathized with the husband who was bereaved of his beloved wife.

Her singing evoked admiration from the public.

We still use this machine though it is obsolete.

The bandit in a typical Western movie rides a horse and goes armed. either alone or in a group.

Christmas commemorates the birth of Jesus Christ.

The children‘s muddy shoes defiled all the rugs in the hotel.

Running in the hall is a deviation from the school rules and will not be allowed.

She could bear the disappointments of other people with tolerable fortitude.

The little girl was inconsolable at the loss of her kitten.

Aren‘t you hungry? You are only nibbling your food.

The coronation of the new king was a splendid pageant.

After the scourge of flood usually comes the scourge of disease.

The crippled child tumbled down the stairs and was badly hurt.

The iron in the ship caused a deviation of the magnetic needle of the compass.

A marathon runner must have great fortitude to run such a long distance.

The pretty girl‘s reputation was defiled by malicious gossips.

The boy is just learning to walk, he is always tumbling over the floor.

The inauguration ceremony of the new President was a splendid pageant.

There are many illnesses, which afflict old people.

His employer censured him for neglecting his work.

The thief intruded into the house with caution and dissimulation.

Nowadays, it is an inhumane punishment to flog the disobedient soldiers or sailors.

According to the inscription on its cornerstone, this building was erected in 1919.

The gifts of charity meddled with a man’s private affair.

He doesn‘t sit straight: his posture is very bad.

John rummaged all the drawers to find his gloves.

The water spouted out when the pipe was broken.

The climber traversed a long horizontal crack in the face of the mountain slope.

A child stood looking with wistful eyes at the toys in the shop window.

He was flogging his horse in a very cruel way.

She rummaged change from the bottom of her purse.

The law does not meddle unduly with a person‘s private life.

The lights traversed the sky searching for enemy planes.

The inscription on the ancient monument was very hard to read.

The amicable flash of her white teeth was very impressive.

The soldiers are very exhausted for they have advanced forward without rest in a blizzard.

If I were rich, I would like to cruise in the Southern Pacific for six months in a private yacht.

Yellow fever has been eradicated in the United States but it still exists in some countries.

The doctor‘s report gave us only a glimmer of hope.

On his desk, many articles and documents are always piled in great lump.

The woman ransacked the house for her lost jewelry.

He slashed a path through the high grass with a long knife.

Out feet slumped repeatedly through the melting ice.

That pop-song had a great vogue at one time.

Enemy soldiers ransacked the city and carried off its treasures.

Tired from his long walk, he slumped into a chair.

We saw the glimmer of a distant light through the trees.

He used to have a great vogue as a film actor, but no one goes to the cinema to see him now.

What the Ice Age did was to eradicate the abundant mammalian life in the Northern Hemisphere.

He ascribes his success to skill and hard work.

The soldiers kept their heads down behind the bulwark.

She looked around this way and that in a dubious manner.

Selfishness was a facet of his character that we seldom saw before.

For the first time he had to pay heed to his appearance, and in fact he became very well-dressed from then on.

The boys huddled together under the rock to keep warm.

The old man mumbled something to me, but I could not understand him.

This ruined bridge is a relic of the Korean War in 1950.

Automobile exhaust fumes are one of the major causes of smog.

The thirsty wayfarer was glad to find a fresh spring near the road.

He always speaks with his mouth full of food, it is his wont.

Four people were huddled under one umbrella to avoid the sudden shower.

I‘m feeling better than yesterday, but it is dubious that I can go to school tomorrow.

No one knows who wrote that play, but it is usually ascribed to Cyril Tourneur.

We believe that a free press and free speech are bulwarks of democracy.

Take heed of what I say, or you will fail in the final examination.

Lesson 23

Civilized people believe in humane treatment of prisoners.

The equator is an imaginary circle around the earth.

Because he wasn‘t working hard, he is liable to fail.

He sat alone after the battle, mourning over the loss of his best friend.

A psychiatrist can help some people to understand their subconscious urges.

He has to leave now, he lives farther from here than I do.

All the members of the committee agreed to inquire further into the matter.

The man living next door hanged himself in sorrow after his wife died.

We hung our reproduction of “Mona Liza” above the fireplace.

Tainan is one of the historic spots that you should visit.

Upon retiring from the office, the President gave all the historical papers to the library.

The philosopher claims that kindness is a human trait, but I don‘t believe it.

Humane people are considerate of not only other people but also animals.

Some people do not believe that ghosts are not real but imaginary beings.

The imaginative child always likes to make up fairy tales.

Bessie Smith was an incomparable singer in her days.

It is foolish to compare horses with airplanes. They are incomparable.

Some old superstitions seem incredible to most educated people.

People nowadays are incredulous about ghosts and witches.

The gentleman laid his land on his son‘s shoulder.

The wounded soldier was lying on the battlefield.

This kind of shoe is apt to slip on wet ground.

Henry is an apt student of the practical science.

Children under the age of 10 are all liable to diseases.

He declared that he was not liable for his wife‘s debts.

The weather forecast says that it‘s likely to be hot tomorrow.

The backyard of our house has a luxuriant growth of weeds.

She is too proud, too luxurious to marry an ordinary person like you.

From time to time, during the night, there was a moan of pain from the sick man.

The whole nation mourned the death of the much-loved President.

The company will give only oral tests to the applicants.

This written report contains both a verbal description and a sketch of the building.

The minister made a personal visit to the scene of the fighting.

The general issued an order to capture the hill to all personnel.

The man seemed poor, but he was respectably dressed.

Children should speak respectfully to their elders.

The first, second, and third prizes went to Jack, George, and Frank respectively.

She raised her finger to her lips as a sign for silence.

The farmer raises cattle and crops.

The sun will rise at 5:45 tomorrow morning.

We have to go to the government patent office to register the new trademark.

It is safe to register the letter containing the check.

Go to the registrar of the university to know your grades.

The boat we are on is the best sailor in the fleet.

The men in our navy are called sailors if they are not officers.

A group of college professors were waiting in the main salon to see the Minister of Education.

The ship‘s passengers have their dinners in the dining saloon.

It was certain that Oswald might have a subconscious desire to injure his underling.

Edina was unconscious for two hours after the accident.

The general was unconscious of being followed by the spy.

The club’s secretary prepared several transcripts of minutes of the meeting.

The transcription of words into phonetic symbols requires special training.

Lesson 24

The woman knelt before the altar to pray to God for her son‘s safe return.

If it rains, we have to alter our plan to have a picnic on Sunday.

Chinese mountain climbers made a successful ascent of Mt. McKinley in North America.

I won‘t give my assent to her plan because it is not well prepared.

There are several old cannons on the wall of the castle.

This canon has been enacted by the church council very recently.

Some of the tops of sneakers are made of canvas.

The sales representative canvassed the whole city for subscriptions of the magazine.

The cession of the territory could not be avoided because they lost the war.

Be seated! The court is now in session.

The soldier fainted at the sight of his own blood.

The color became faint as the sunset.

He feinted with his left hand and hit me with his right.

In recent years there has been an intention of the struggle for political power in the country.

She felt offended at my remarks, but it wasn‘t my intention to hurt her.

There is nothing that we can do now but pray God helps us in our troubles.

The lion seized its prey and ate it.

Chicago is the principal city in the Midwest of the United States.

The principal told the teachers to dismiss (suspend) school during the heavy snowstorm.

This country was founded on the principle of individual freedom for all.

The population of France remained stationary almost for a century.

Herbert bought a notebook at the stationery store.

Please write your name and address on this paper.

The President addressed the nation on the subject of war and peace.

Darkness is an attribute of night, as brightness is that of day.

We attribute Edison‘s success to intelligence and hard work.

The teachers appointed a committee of five members to plan the class picnic.

The court appointed Mr.Lansing as the committee that would take care of the boy’s property.

She likes music very much,she never misses a concert.

We concerted on the most proper methods for speedily executing the manager’s instructions.

I tried but couldn’t understand the content of his speech.

John contented himself with two glasses of beer even though he could have had more.

Honest but poor is the converse of poor but honest.

He conversed with his wife about the summer vacation.

The Sahara is a great desert in the northern part of Africa.

After the family deserted the farm, its buildings fell to ruin. (=fell out of use).

The publisher decided to publish a digest /summary of international law.

I like milk very much, but I can’t digest /catch it very well.

Most animals have an instinct to protect their young.

Her face was instinct with benevolence and kindness.

Although the governor knew many peoples, he had few intimates.

He intimated /suggested indirectly that he was dissatisfied with his job.

The train arrived at exactly /punctually four minutes past eight.

There has been a minute improvement in the working conditions of the factory.

A dark object moved between the door and me, What? Eidolon? Devil or fairy.

Do you object Tommy smoking in this room?

Her asked her to marry him but he refused.

The street-cleaning department took away all refuse from the street.

The little girl was in tears because she’d lost her mother.

For security, tear up paper before put it in the trash can.

The janitor/buddy removed used towels from the rack.

It took long to get used to foreign food.

Lesson 10

The entire population was aggrieved by the tyranny of the king.

Only a callous/apathy person can see suffering without trying to relieve it.

Walking barefoot on the asphalt pavement/trotter makes the bottom of your feet callous.

She wants to continue her study in the United States, but her parents disapprove of her plan.

Ten dollars is a fabulous price for an ordinary pencil.

He was infuriated by the police man’s rough treatment of his wife.

His political opponents feared his mordant tongue, and even more his mordant pen.

The idiotic Indiaese sang a shit-song of victory, describing their prowess in battle.

He was arrested as a member of a subversive organization advocating the forceful overthrow of the present government.

Many students find temporary jobs during their summer holidays.

Through the years he amassed a large fortune to buy farm after he retired.

However, as the evidence began to accumulate, experts from the Zoo felt obliged to investigate.

People tend to amass possessions, sometimes without being aware of doing so.

The Empire State Building is a colossal structure.

Sickness or bad luck often makes a person feel dismal.

She was glad to see us again and gave me a genial welcome.

It is hard for an inveterate smoker to give up tobacco/cigarette.

The punishment for that offence is two years in prison.

During his sojourn /stopover in Africa he learned much about native customs.

Six robberies in one night put our village in turmoil.

A scientist suspends judgment and refrains from drawing conclusions until all the facts are in.

She assented to the doctor’s assertion that her son was ill, but could not consent to having him hospitalized.

The couple wishes to live in a cozy little home rather than in a lifeless mansion.

That factory is trying to diversify its products to sell in different markets.

The haggard faces of the rescued miners showed that they had a great deal of sufferings.

Careless drivers cause many irreparable accidents.

Everyone has two paternal grandparents and two maternal grandparents.

The young artist made a replica of the famous painting.

His seclusion of the rabbit in the barn was kept secret from everyone else.

The two friends wrangled and now they don’t speak to each other.

Most bigoted people are intolerant of opposition.

Most of the food they eat is deficient in iron and protein.

The sly fox eluded the hunters by running back in the opposite direction.

Some very great men have come from ignoble families.

We are studying about dew, frost, mist, and other kindred facts of nature.

During the Romantic period it was fashionable in literature to have a melancholy outlook on the world.

No one likes to be regarded as a poltroon.

The enemy was routed.

The most massive defense system would still leave the nation vulnerable to nuclear attack.

The child abided with his grandparents for three years before being returned to his parents.

She can't abide watching horror films.

Please feel assured that we will abide by our promise.

The audience in the theater was irritated by the unruly and boisterous children.

To spit in the classroom is despicable.

We saw many exotic plants at the flower exhibition, which we had never seen before.

For the mountain climber, it is imperative to get food and water before sunset.

My wife has such an imperative voice that everyone coveys her.

He was nonplused by the strange customs he saw everywhere in the country.

The leader of the band bowed in a pompous/exaggerated manner

He severed connection with Tom.

The day was so sultry that they had little energy left.

The moon was waning, and in such a waning light, it is very difficult to see the enemy.

Lesson 11

We are becoming acclimated to New York weather.

The senators assailed the President on the subject of the treaty between the two countries.

His face was congested with anger as the argument grew more heated.

Her effusive welcome made us feel most uncomfortable

A good manager is frugal in the use of his funds

The newspapers accused the government of being insolvent in its debts.

Most passengers of the ship were seize[fish1] d with nausea during the storm at sea

She had no way to redeem her furniture out of pawn.

They used waterproof cement to prevent water from seeping through the roof of the runnel.

A swollen cheek spoiled the symmetry of his handsome face.

New York’s hot weather is often aggravated by its humidity.

A balmy breeze was blowing across the beautiful lake.

The culmination of the doctor’s life’s work was his discovery of a cure of cancer.

The storekeeper endorsed my bill when I paid the full amount.

The main field of hygiene is concerned with healthy living and cleanliness.

Sound is intangible[fish2]  and the same is true of light.

Grandfather sat by the fireplace, oblivious of everything around him.

The funeral will be performed according to church rites

Her story was boring, but he simulated interest to please her.

The account of the trial was transcribed from the stenographer[fish3] ’s shorthand notes.

The United States annexe[fish4] d Texas in 1845.

Some people brew beer at home for home use.

The boys whispering in the corner are brewing some mischief

The boys derided him for his fear[fish5]  of the darkness.

She always evaluates people by their clothes.

Swept along by the swift current, he was in imminent  danger of going over the waterfall.

A judicious historian selects and weighs facts carefully and critically.

There is a preponderance of hot days in July and August.

Many sage staffs around the commander helped him win the battle.

A sagacious businessman seldom fails in his business

The specter of the murdered man haunt[fish6] ed the house.

The shout of “Fire” caused a great tumult[fish7]  in the theater.

Her apathy since her husband’s death worries her children.

If the aims of two countries collide, there may be a war.

The buildings were drape[fish8] d with red, white and blue bunting.

After his boring speech for over an hour, the fatuous speaker waited for applause from the audience.

The impudent boy made faces at the teacher.

I could have given a much better answer if I had had enough time to meditate

This music seems to purify one’s spirit of evil thoughts.

The secretary’s beautiful figure and suave[fish9]  manners made the office bright.

The watchman who caught the thief was praised for his vigilance.

Lesson 12

The engineer accelerates a train by turning on more power.

I will keep it secret, I feel averse[fish10]  to telling it to someone.

Two persons who saw the road accident corroborate[fish11] d the driver’s statatement.

It took the soldiers only half an hour to encamp in the heavy rain.

The air is very humid near the sea or large lake.

It is impossible to make plants grow in a desert without irrigation.

Absurd ! Are you really think have a wee bit liquid ? You should see mental doctor for whim.

Every baseball player envies him; he is preeminent above all his rivals for pitching.

Everyone learns the rudiments of arithmetic in elementary school.

When they got in the boiler room they were almost stifle[fish12] d by the heat.

He is a very versatile performer, he can act, sing, dance, and play the piano.

The anatomy[fish13]  of an earthworm is much simpler than that of a man.

Football requires brain as well as brawn.

Dexterity in questioning the witnesses helped the lawyer win many cases.

Mount Vesuvius hasn’t erupted for a good many years.

Let’s discuss this topic on the hypothesis that it is true.

To drive an automobile, you must learn how to manipulated the steering wheel and pedals.

The tribesmen sang a song of victory, describing their prowess in battle.

A less scrupulous[fish14]  /conscientious man wouldn’t give the money back to its owner.

The nurse treated the wounded soldiers with the most scrupulous care.

One hundred dollars a month will suffice for the old lady’s need.

He really likes antique art much more than modern art.

In coherent /consistent writing, every sentences connected in thought to the previous sentence.

After dinner my father often dozes in his chair for a while.

The actress’s beauty and fascinated everyone in the room

Some people like to innovate the old systems and traditions, others like to preserve them.

The magician’s tricks mystified the audience in the theater.

Leap year recurs every four years, and in that year February have 29 days. But according Chinese Traditional Calendar, Every 19-years have seven-leap month. Unfortunately, Mr.Baker has born in February 30. When he twenty-third, just celebrate ninety my day.

The sky was clear, and moonlight was shimmering on the lake.

The general explained the military technicalities of the matter to the newspaper reporters.

A baby cries and gurgles but does not use articulate speech (or speak distinctly).

The speaker was careful to articulate his words so that everyone in the hall could understand him.

The soldiers were confronted by two terrorists as they left their camp.

While she was waiting for her boy friend in the tearoom, a sweet melody [fish15] filled her with ecstasy.

The mother tried to foster her son’s interest in music by taking him to concerts frequently.

The hall is not dim; the four large lamps irradiate it.

The obstinate man would go his own way, in spite of all warning.

Some people eat foods that are repugnant to theirs

After his soporific speech for an hour, the speaker received no applause from the audience.

The conquest of outer space is one of the greatest triumphs of modern science.

Lesson 5

He admonished his friend not to be late for his work.

He seems to be doing nothing, but really he’s just biding his time.

A man who cheats on his income tax and on his expense account tends to condone these practices in his friends.

I designate you to act for me while I am away.

Most animals let their young fend for themselves at an early age.

Only hardy plants will survive the severe cold in the Arctic area.

Baseball players do exercises at the beginning of the season in order to limber[fish16]  themselves up.

You must pay in humility / condescension / modesty of spirit for every benefit received at the hands of philanthropy /charity.

Can you recollect the name of the author of [Ivanhoe]?

He was smitten/affected with the view that he stopped and took out his camera.

According to the testimony of the medical profession, the health of the nation is improving.

He liked the bitter taste of the ale; beer is his favorite drink.

Blend[fish17]  the butter and the sugar before adding other ingredient / factor / elements of the cake.

Especially large, sharp canine characterizes the carnivorous animals.

The common English sparrow is a denizen of America; it was first brought from Europe to America about 1850.

She was in a frenzy of grief when she heard that her child was missing.

The player’s injury[fish18]  incapacitated him for participating in the football match.

The hunters came from the East to massacre the buffaloes of the plains, killing several million in a short time.

When I asked his advice he ponder / meditated the matter and then told me not to go.

To the riddle “What walks on four legs in the mooring, two legs at noon, and three legs in the evening?” the answer is ”man.”

The father spanked the naughty child for his bad manners.

He tried to appease the crying child by giving him candy.

The war was a terrible catastrophe in which many people died and many buildings were destroy[fish19] ed.

He felt completely daunted by the difficulties that faced him.

The crowd gaped/ stared/ gawked at the daring tricks performed by the tightrope walker.

He will be in the hospital for the duration of the school year.

We implored him to act before it was too late.

She muffled her throat in a warm scarf not to catch a cold.

On April Fool’s day people often play pranks on each other.

Soapy took the umbrella and saunter[fish20] ed off with it slowly.

There was a trickle of blood from the wound on his face.

She was astounded / amazed by the news that she had won the speech contest.

The people living in that valley are all members of one clan.

Newspaper accounts of political and international affairs are often distorted.

While travelling, they entrusted their children to the care of a baby sitter.

Sometimes the gets hungry and eats like a glutton.

Unless a check is signed it is invalid.

He became invalid as the result of ill health and lack of exercise.

His words were polite but there was an overtone / implication of anger in his voice.

They probe[fish21] d his past career to judge his qualifications.

There are many sacred / holy shrines in the Near East.

The statute increased the taxes we must pay.

The wounded soldier writhed uncomfortably in pain.

Watching the first man land on the moon, we beheld a sight never seen before by man.

They should change this bad habit and condescend/deign to be pleased what is pleasing.

More than 5,000 years ago the Chinese were controlling the Yellow River floods with dikes.

The farmers dug a deep dike to carry water to the rice field.

He flipped a coin on the counter to decide whether to go to the theater or not.

My uncle who had traveled to many countries in the world told a grisly story about people who ate human flesh.

The knave/ rogues who set fire to the barn have been caught and sent to prison.

The general held a parley with the enemy’s leader about exchanging prisoners.

There is not a shred/fragment of evidence that missing money was stolen.

The judge surmised/guessed his guilt; there was no proof that he killed the man.

The future is so uncertain that we cannot know all the vicissitudes/varieties of our fortunes.

The fire warden [fish22] told us not to light matches near the gas station.

Lesson 6

Most people abhor the criminal of kidnapping the children.

If you boost me up, I can reach the window easily.

His friend’s willingness to help him was a big boost to the morale.

The jail is used for detention of persons who have been arrested.

He gave such explicit directions that everyone understood them.

Wise teachers avoid invidious rules against the students.

You malign a generous person when you call him a stingy person.

In places where the water is not potable, they set up purifying systems.

I never went to school, and I’ve rued it bitterly all my life.

People in the far north subsist chiefly on fish and meat.

She was such an unruly child that nobody could get along with her.

The boy had an agile mind, and could come up with excuses as quickly as his mother asked for them.

His lack of money was the result of caprice in spending on unnecessary things.

She is disconsolate about the death of her father.

It is a popular fallacy to suppose that riches always bring happiness.

She gave ingenuous answers to the strangers’ entire question.

I saw a mirage that made highway ahead seem tube flooded with water.

The heavy thunderstorm precluded our going to the beach.

Sheer white curtains hung at the little window to let in as much light as possible.

From the top of the wall there was a sheer drop of 100 feet to the water below.

His letter was succinct, with all the major points on one page.

There is not much arable land on the side of a rocky mountain.

The winner’s complacent smile annoyed the loser in the football game.

The wolves dismembered the deer’s dead body with their sharp teeth.

After the war, the defeated country was dismembered and could no longer be called a nation.

She danced with glee when she saw the new toys, which her father bought for her birthday present.

He gave us implicit consent to take the apples, for he smiled when he saw us do it.

Someone is spreading mischievous stories about minister’s private life.

In the sentence “She lives alone by herself” the word “alone” is redundant.

The solicitude shown to him by his neighbors after the robbery impressed him very deeply.

The bank keeps a large surplus of money in reserve.

The doctor gave him some medicine to abate the pain.

His ambition was consummated when he won the prize.

Our savings have dwindled since my wife was sent to hospital.

It is haphazard timetable, sometimes lessons are held and sometimes they aren’t.

It is obvious that a blind man ought not to drive an automobile.

I know only his overt reasons for refusing; he may have others.

We tried to be friendly, but his rebuff made us think the wanted to be left alone.

He was sad, and his thought about future was very somber.

The boy’s lack of money thwarted his plans for college.

I have a vehement hatred of people who are cruel to animals

The benign old lady sent us a kind and warm smile.

The sergeant was degraded to private for the reason of disobeying order.

My other writings are very ephemeral, but this book will be remembered forever.

People who have never gone to school are usually illiterate.

The old man tottered across the room and sat down on the sofa.

Not every rich man is lavish in spending money.

It is a mistake to lavish kindness ungrateful people.

He is the one who is peddling the drugs unlawfully.

She reproved the maid in an angry voice for breaking the dish.

Many kinds of fabrics, furs and drugs are synthetic products.

His unbounded courage and compassion made him an excellent leader of the nation.

He was wretched when he failed the entrance examination again.

Lesson 7

She continued to work in a blithe spirit in spite of all difficulties.

She was feeling dejected and unhappy until the good news cheered her up.

He is an erratic fellow whose actions are usually completely unpredictable.

When he was a child, his life contained noble ambitions and immaculate thought.

The little girl loathed leaving her mother for studying abroad.

The woman in this painting has a pensive smile.

I was restarted from keeping an appointment by a business conference that lasted most of the day.

She was proud of her stalwart good-looking grandson.

During his illness he shunned all society, and in particular those who had been his dearest.

They quarreled with such a loud noise that their voices were audible to the neighbor.

The new boy had an auspicious first day in the elementary school.

She was filled with elation at the new that she won the first prize in her class.

The haughty man thinks highly of himself while holding others in contempt.

The officer’s violation of a regulation is more of jeopardy than the enlisted man’s offense.

It is mandatory to pay a debt within a certain period of time.

The teacher rebuked the student for throwing the examination paper on the floor.

Not many people came to see the game; the sparse crowd was scattered thinly through the stadium

A miser gives undue importance to making and saving money.

The doctor’s friendly manner helped the patient allay his fear.

Gluttony and drunkenness have been called carnal vices.

A family name becomes defunct when the only heir dies without any son.

Of the many plans submitted the committee selected the plan that seemed most feasible.

The boy showed ingenuity in making toys out of scraps of discarded wood.

My joke caused a great deal of mirth among the little children.

Soldiers on the battlefield lead a precarious life.

Some people believe that fate has preordained whether they will be happy or unhappy.

At the council broad he was taciturn and never opened his lips.

His eldest brother died after the venomous bite from the rattlesnake.

The doctor said there was nothing amiss with her.

This anthology comprises samples from the work of ten authors.

Families that quarrel in the privacy of the home do well do dissemble when they to out to dinner.

A glib door to door salesman sold her a set of books that she did not want.

Before World War II, the French thought their Magnet Line as an invincible bulwark against German invasion.

The lazy little boy gave his face perfunctory washing.

The Disneyland tour was replete with unexpected thrills and suspense.

We respectfully solicit your continuous friendship and patronage.

The nation will soon be liberated from the foulest thralldom.

Give the flowers some water regularly, or they will wilt.

That abominable place was so dirty and evil smelling that he turned away in disgust.

Brainy students could understand easily what the teacher explained to them.

As the mooring progressed, the weather deteriorated more and more.

In German he was an exquisite stylist, and he brought to that language a new sensitivity in the art of story telling.

Cancer is no longer an incurable disease nowadays, it can be remedied by using radioactivity.

Manual workers often earn more than office workers do.

This workbook has a teacher’s manual in which examination problems and their answers are included.

He is a potential leader to control this large state.

They are such ruthless parents that they never give presents to the children on Christmas Day.

Her explanations for failure to do the work were voluble but not easily believed.

Theatre lobbies were filled with a vociferous crowd during the intermission.

Lesson 8

The weather in early December was bleak and unpleasant.

The electric inspector was castigated for having failed to check the wire as he was supposed to.

We should overcome the worst that the tyrant’s enmity can do.

In any case, parents should be impartial to their every child.

The teacher asked me to give a lucid explanation of my being late for class.

The old man is confused most of the time but he does have lucid moments.

A square has four 90-degree angles made by its four perpendicular.

In retrospect, many good opportunities were neglected in my lire.

The politician showed a good sagacity avoiding the mistakes he’d made in the previous campaign.

Urbane speech is educated speech, as distinguished from the speech of the ignorant.

After Redding about the lives of several great Americans, John became an ardent student of American history.

I can’t bear his derogatory remarks about my brother’s character.

I won’t tell you what time to leave; you’re old enough to use your own discretion.

The house of the meetings will be fixed at the chairman’s discretion.

The party got quite hilarious after they brought more wine.

It is a paramount responsibility of every officer to take care of his men before caring for himself.

Houses and trees seem to recede as we ride past in a train.

The whole city was rife with rumors of political corruption and bribery.

Both sides burst into spontaneous cheers at the magician’s skillful tricks.

The air ten miles above the earth is very tenuous.

A baseball player usually reaches the acme of his skill before he is thirty.

He spared no one’s feelings and expressed his views with great candor.

The father finally dissuaded his son from leaving school.

Her advice was quite gratuitous, I can think for myself.

The house of representatives has the sole power to impeach an officer of the United States Government.

Her ostensible purpose was to borrow some sugar, but she really wanted to see her neighbor’s new furniture.

The poor painter sold his paintings for a paltry sum of money.

The poor family lived in a sordid log cabin in the valley.

She makes it a rule to keep her room neat and tidy after coming back from school.

One tall boy stood aloof from all the small children.

Regular meals and exercise are of cardinal importance to our health.

There are many drab houses in the Smokey mining town.

The life of a person who never does anything is dull and drab.

The two families had been at feud with each other for three generations.

His insolent speech and behavior upset everyone in the room.

The judge said that nothing could mitigate the cruelty with which the man had treated the child.

A summary of the events leading up to this situation would be pertinent information.

His predecessor quit because he was not in the least interested in this kind of job.

Let me apologize for my being tardy in answering your letter.

You’d think she would never climb again, after falling down the mountain, but it just whetted her appetite.

The man accused of stealing the money was acquitted for lack of witnesses.

Be careful not to break the box of glass, that thin glass is hard but brittle.

The ugly frame detracts from the beauty of the famous picture.

To extirpate weeds is not only to destroy their visible parts but also to pull them out by the roots.

The indulent mother bought her children everything they wanted.

The indulgent teacher praised every poem we wrote.

The mendacious beggar told a different tale of woe at every house.

For my own sake, I’ve told a plausible lie at the club meeting, but the members did not believe me at all.

We have the sanction of the recreation department to play ball in this park.

Youngsters usually rush into marriage with only the shallow notions of what love and responsibility mean.

We parked the car on the grass verge at the side of the highway.

Lesson 9

No one in the adjacent apartments was awakened by their quarreling sounds.

The spring floods were a great calamity to the farmers whose crops and houses were ruined.

The floods and storms, which have no precedent in the recorded history, devastated the country.

The exultant players were dancing on the ground over their team’s victory.

The wealth of our country seems inexhaustible to many people abroad.

We saw a maudlin movie about an orphan who lost his parents in the war.

The enemies plundered all the valuable things they could find in the village.

A scrupulous man never fails to give back the borrowed money to its owner.

From sundry hints, I guessed I was to be given a bicycle for my birthday present.

The children made zealous efforts to clean up the house for the Christmas party.

We wonder if human beings are primarily altruistic or selfish.

The public clamor for lower taxes continued year after year.

The old manuscripts had been disintegrated into a pile of fragments and dust.

Although Napoleon was Corsican, he is considered by most modern Frenchmen to have been French as their own forebears.

The boy who found it on the street returned the money intact.

We did not molest the big dog because we were afraid of him.

The mourner’s profuse tears at the burial were heartbreaking.

He was slack in fulfilling his promises and responsibilities.

Tart apples taste sharp and are pleasantly acid in their taste.

This plan looks all right in principle, but in practice it wouldn’t be viable.

The carpenters made the roof aslant to allow water to run down.

They conceded that victory was no longer attainable and agreed to a negotiated surrender.

She could not allow the stranger to enter her house, for she distrusted him.

The table is very groggy. I think the leg is going to fall off.

The intrepid fireman saved persons trapped in a burning building disregarding of his own safety.

We found it hard to like the boy because of his overbearing manners.

Only a rash person would have rushed into the burning house to save some clothes.

Though polio has been practically wiped out, there have been sporadic cases of the disease.

Fumes from automobiles and factory chimneys are toxic.

The driver averted an accident by a quick turn of the steering wheel.

Mother deduced from my loss of appetites what had happened to the cookies.

Our ship embarked passengers and wool at an Australian port.

After leaving college, the young man embarked on a new business career.

The boy humiliated his parents by behaving badly in front of the guests.

A gregarious man, be enjoyed the companionship of a large number of jovial friends.

Baseball has been called American’s national pastime through four seasons.

The prince renounced his right to the throne.

My grandmother likes to read a newspaper in a snug corner near the fireplace.

She doesn’t need to borrow a book because she’s got umpteen books waiting to be read at home.

The boy blurred the picture by touching it before the paint was dry.

The slums were demolished before the town was extended.

Education makes people easy to govern but impossible to enslave.

Many a man is impeded in his career by a lack of belief in himself.

The mother lulled the baby to sleep by singing a song.

In the court the plaintiff asserted that the thief had stolen two hundred dollars from his store.

He was strong and healthy but he’s never been robust since his illness.

We had a strenuous day moving into our new house.

Pollution from smoke and dust vitiates the air.

All his attempts to improve were vitiated by his lack of will power.

Lesson 13

Our nation abounds in opportunities for well-educated young men and women.

He behaved in such arrogant manners in his firm that he was at last fired.

It takes a long time as well as many experts working together to compile an encyclopedia.

The murderer entreated the judge to show mercy, but was sentenced to death.

The alley was filled with lots of garbage and other filth.

It is incumbent on you to give a father’s advice before your son leaves home.

At sea, everything that breaks the monotony of the surrounding expanse attracts attention.

I hope I can reciprocate your hospitality some time.

The shaggy dog always sleeps in the bed with her.

Hunger, cold, and sickness were among the tribulations of pioneer life.

He read many books in the adolescent stage of his life.

One who is 15 years old is not an adult, but an adolescent.

Adolph Hitler commanded autocratic power; no one could rigorously oppose his plans or decisions.

All the furniture of the room was very congenial to my taste.

The room was encumbered with heavy furniture.

Every night the little girl was horrified by the tiger’s cry.

It is now manifest that, if you don’t return the book to the library right now, you will have to pay a late fine.

Good health is not always obtained by good nutrition.

They could repress the uprising with the help of the army.

They were accused of smuggling diamonds from foreign countries.

There has been a tangible improvement in his schoolwork.

The teacher drew an analogy between the human heart and a pump.

The ship was tossed by the ocean billows in the storm.

The bomb was detonated from several miles away; it caused no damage to our town.

The fly became entangled in the spider’s web.

During long severe winters some animals, such as badgers, ground squirrels, and some insects, hibernate.

By experience with all kinds of people the doctor has developed great powers of intuition.

Many rivers in Taiwan are polluted with filthy waste from factories.

She reveres her grandfather; he is strict in decision, but shows great affection to her.

The hermit led a solitary life in the deep mountains far away from the town.

They owed their lives to the valor of the firemen.

The brave knight defeated each antagonist who came against him.

As the doctor was fully cognizant of the patient’s serious condition, he acted swiftly to relieve it.

His doleful expression showed that he had failed in the examination.

The facility of communication is far greater now than it was a hundred years ago.

A free bus to the airport is a facility offered only by this hotel.

He improvised a new stanza form the school song at the football game.

The old lady was very inquisitive about what her neighbors were doing.

The policeman stopped the man when he saw a gun protruding from his pocket.

He used to say that argument adds a savor to conversation.

Much of the city was subverted by the earthquake and a great fire.

Lesson 14

He is addicted to alcohol and drugs.

Doctors and policemen disagree on how to control drug distribution and handle addicts.

He is assiduous at his studies; he works hard and steadily, and pays continual attention to his teacher.

The two men conspired to steal the jewels and then sell them to a jeweler in another country.

He is such an elusive person; you never know where he is when you want him.

A cheap, gaudy steamboat arrived at the wharf from St.louis.

He ignited the match by scratching it on the desk.

The trade union is negotiating with the employers to get a better contract.

Respiration is difficult at great heights and some mountaineers wear oxygen masks to overcome such difficulty.


The speaker made a few funny jokes to add spice to his speech.

The committee accepted the proposal with unanimous approval.

The pore of the allies’ aggregated together was great, though individually some were quite weak.

His various wages for the year aggregated $22,000.

Their conversation was banal full of uninteresting remarks, such as “nice weather” and “slow traffic today.”

Taking a rest in the mountains is ferried curative for breathing difficulties.

The robbers enforced obedience to their demand by threat of violence.

 No one in the village likes the man because he is a shameless hypocrite.

It is illegal to intercept a letter or parcel before it is delivered.

Their enemies persecuted some early religious leaders.

“Don’t hurry!” Said her father in sarcasm as she slowly dressed.

We have enough food for the picnic; any more food would be superfluous.

The report of the committee of inquiry completely vindicates him and declares his action to have been right and proper.

A smile animated her face as she went to the gate to meet her husband.

Many scientists now believe that there are some worlds in outer space having animate beings.


Chivalry includes bravery, loyalty, honor, courtesy, respect for woman, protection of the weak, and generosity.

A doctor cannot treat an illness until he had made a diagnosis.

The teacher exemplified the use of the word for the students.

When a war impends, wise men try to prevent it in advance.

The speaker had a really noble voice, which he could modulate with great skill.

The teacher’s prophecy that the boy would become a great national leader was later fulfilled.

After hard work we could feel the sensuous delight of a hot booth.

A minister of foreign affairs who lacks tact is a dangerous man.

The vindictive little girl tore up her sister’s papers.

If you hand in your report late, append a note explaining the reason for the delay.

The Plains Indian has a plentiful and regular supply of meat and skins by the communal buffalo hunting.

After learning ecology I could see the relation of living things to their environment and to each other.

He’s deserved to be punished several times, but I’ve forborne from dong so.

It was a matter of indifference to him whether his hands were clean or dirty.

He was a mediocre student; his academic records were not excellent, but not bad, either.

He rehearsed the story of all his sufferings in prison.

We rehearsed our parts for the school plays.

It is unwise to make yourself so singular in your clothes.

My mood is only transient; it will go away pretty soon.

Lesson 15

The two surfaces adhered to each other, and we couldn’t get them apart.

He had the audacity to go to the party without being invited.

The contiguity of the house and the garage was a convenience in bad weather.

The witch had enchanted the princess so that she would sleep for a month.

As the watched the Niagara Falls, he thought of the grandeur of nature.

From her story we inferred that they went to the United States unwillingly.

I cannot write a letter, my fingers are numb with cold.

Please remit the amount of your bill by check.

The girl was accused of stealing a pair of shoes, but because of her young age the judge remitted the prison sentence.

His skeptical remark about the team’s chances of winning made us gloomy.

The urban population of Taiwan has greatly increased during the last ten years.

This is serious, I am afraid we’ll have to amputate his leg.

All the people in the party were disgusted with his bawdy jokes.

She is very attractive in spite of her slight deformity.

It took a long time to excavate the ancient city of Troy.

In olden times the coasts of England were frequently harassed by the Vikings.

He does not drink at all; a little wine may intoxicate him.

The placid lake reflected the image of the old castle.

Mary kicked Susan, and Susan retaliated against her by biting.

The cat found a bird sitting on the branch and crept with stealthy movements toward it.

He lied to me about my friend, and I have been very wary of him ever since.

Three survivors told us in detail how the regiment was annihilated by the enemy.

In telling a story we usually follow chronological order.

They are planning to divert the river to supply water somewhere else.

The moonlight on the lake enhanced the beauty of the scene.

The criminal has been imprisoned in a dry cell for almost 10 years.

Do not bear malice toward him, he is a good mean by nature.

The driver was prosecuted for exceeding the speed limit on the express way.

He started an inquiry into the cause of the fire, and prosecuted it for several weeks.

We were all amused by the satirical comparison of life at college and in the army.

They subscribe to a monthly magazine in addition to several daily newspapers.

He subscribed a large amount of money to the collection for the hospital.

We heard a weird shriek from the darkness of the ruined castle.

A guilty man apprehends danger in every sound.

The thief who had stolen the jewels was apprehended by the police and was put in jail.

She commutes from Cambridge to London every day.

Heat and smoke emitted by the fire made it difficult for the firemen to put it out.

The soldiers fortified the position on the hill by building earthworks and erecting log walls.

The government inflicted excessively heavy income taxes on the people.

She cut and painted pieces of paper that mimicked flowers so well that some people thought they were real.

Her calm voice reassured the frightened child, and he felt much better.

An exciting new serial story will begin in our next week’s issue.

The tactics of pretending to cross the river and of making a retreat fooled the enemy.

Lesson 16

He that never was acquainted with adversity has seen the world but on one side.

My new shoes have made blisters on my heels.

The clatter of metal plates was heard from the kitchen.

Most of telephone dials use digital numbers.

He cannot work today; he got a gash in his hand while axing.

Even militarily weak and small nations have defied UN decisions with impunity.

Plants grow much faster and stronger when they are given manure.

Glass is not porous, it doesn’t allow liquid to pass through.

There are a lot of shacks in the run-down part of the town near the railroad.

The average life span of people has increased considerably since the 19th century.

The strong winds twitched the paper out of her hand.

The French battleships were placed within the power of Nazi Germany in accordance with armistice terms.

It would be a breach of duty for the guard to leave before his replacement comes.

To help a new student get oriented furthers the comity of the school.

Some prisoners in the dungeon will be released tomorrow.

He is a gregarious man; he enjoys the companionship of a large number of friends.

The explorers incurred great dangers when they tried to cross the rapids.

She has a small mole on the left side of her nose.

The mole digs holes and passes underground and makes its home in them.

He has applied for a patent on his latest invention.

This coffee is very hot. Do not drink it quickly, but sip it.

Sulfur is found abundantly in volcanic regions.

This year’s upsurge in rice production is due to the new method of cultivation.

Grandfather was an austere man; he used to be silent and very strict to us/

When I was in hospital, she called on me with a bouquet of roses in her hand.

In the Pacific Ocean there are many coral atolls that are ring like islands.

A group of schoolmasters are holding a forum on new ways of teaching history.

On rainy days the students play games in the gym.

“Not like that” he interjected while explaining how to take the machine into pieces.

Some mushrooms are good to eat, some, such as toadstools, are poisonous.

They escaped from the wrecked ship on a raft.

The children looked like Negroes, their faces were smeared with soot.

One end of a pencil is tapered off to a point.

I have read this French play via English translation.

Newspapers are often called barometers of public opinion.

He complied with the doctor’s order that should take a rest at home.

A coxcomb spends too much money and time on his clothes and appearance.

In summer the house next door is hidden luxuriant foliage.

She made her plan for her annual summer hegira to the Miami Beach.

The hunters traced the footmarks of a tiger and at last they found him in his lair.


The child had a terrible nightmare and awoke crying.

This reservoir is large enough to supply water to the entire city.

He bought some sod to put in the bare spots of his lawn yard.

Rake up the trashes in the yard and burn it. We will have some guests tonight.

The furniture will stay in the warehouse until they pay the storage cost.

She volcano belched a staggering mount of fire, smoke, and ashes.

It’s such a chore to do the shopping every day.

When she was asked a sudden question, her face turned crimson in embarrassment.

The fugitive had already packed and bought his ticket.

Two women were quarrelling on the street, surrounded by a horde of people.

Usually a linguist is skilled in a number of languages besides his won.

The price of the petroleum has been raised too high during the last few years.

Mary rumpled her dress by sitting on the floor.

A person sneezes when he has a cold.

She twined her arms around his neck and kissed him.

When we got inside the factory, we couldn’t hear the guide explain because of the whirring of the motors.

Lesson 17

An alloy is often harder, lighter, and stronger than the pure metals of which it is composed.

The streets were not lighted at night during the blackout.

Who is supposed to cater for your daughter’s wedding next week?

He is cramming facts and dates for his history examination tomorrow.

He crammed as many candy bars into his pockets as they would hold.

If you paid $200 for the watch, you were fleeced. I saw it in a department store for $70/

The jungle is the natural habitat of wild animals and plants.

I lost my key to the door, and I went to the locksmith to get a new one.

He panted excitedly giving us the news as he had just heard it.

Don’t use that old cart, it’s rickety.

He has been stigmatized as a coward and liar.

Having been in the desert without water for two days, his thirst was unquenchable.

The astronauts of the United States are returning to the earth from the moon.

One age bequeaths its knowledge to the next.

In the United States there is a census every ten years.

Everyone of the city was asked to join the crusade for better housing.

The stream was so deep that we could not ford it.

The dog hovers around the kitchen door every mealtime.

They were all dressed up to attend the masquerade.

He got a free ticket to the play by masquerading as a friend of the actors.

The phoenix is believed to live for 500 years and then burn itself and be born again from the ashes.

Some people prefer the dark bread made from rye to the white bread made from wheat.

In the film he jumps off a running car and performs other dangerous stunts.

The most exciting game in hockey, was Harvard versus Yale.

Above all the artillery was the deciding factor in the battle.

In the early days of the West many states paid a bounty for captured criminals.

When he got a shot against typhus, the child clenched his teeth in pain.

I saw a burglar, with a dirk in his hand, getting into the room where she was sleeping.

The murderer entreated the judge for mercy, but was sentenced to the gallows.

My steak, though delicious, was mostly fat and bones. Most of it was inedible.

The morale of the football team was very low after its defeat.

We are more prone to make mistakes when we are tired.

We fell prone on the ground and drank water from the spring.

The robbers grasped the peril of their position and scuttled away.

The carpet was fastened to the floor with tacks.

After his parents’ death, the court made him a ward of his aunt.

The terrible avalanche buried the whole village, and very Jew people survived it.

I was so in a hurry that I left my briefcase at home.

The apartment is not commodious enough for his family to live in.

The bourbon dynasty ruled France for more than two hundred years.

After he got out of the bar, he suddenly began to yell drunken gibberish on the sidewalk.

I invoked his forgiveness many times, but failed to move him.

There are myriad of stars in the sky at night, we cannot count them.

Thousands of men and women are working in the quarry to get stones for use in building the castle.

Poverty and disease are common in the slums.

He tinkled his coins together in his pocket.

The swimmer caught in the whirlpool struggled to keep from drowning.

We ended our blockade of the enemy’s port when peace was established.

The fox likes to live in a burrow; it’s warm in winter and cool in summer.

Destruction and suffering are corollaries of war.

Many flattering relatives fawned on the rich old man.

He groped for the light switch in the dark basement.

He turned the latch of the door and opened it so gently.

The soldiers were filled with nostalgia by hearing my old favorite song.

The notes of the hunting horn resounded through the forest.

The fireman splintered the locked door with an ax to save the boy in the room.

No one in the place survived the crash; it crashed down into splinters.

A truce was declared at Christmas between the two armies.

There is not a single grammar book on the vernacular of this African tribe.

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